The Republicans Need a Huckster



If you’re peddling junk, you need a huckster. If you have a rival with a better product you also need a smear campaign. This explains what America has been getting from the Republican Party for the past 6 years at least, and what is on offer in this 2016 election.

Republicans have been desperately trying to recycle old policies that don’t work and that aren’t good for America. Their “clients” are wealthy people who want to make the future-America conform to their idea of the “perfect” society, a society that lets them lead a nouveau aristocratic existence with plenty of grateful peons to do their bidding.

They keep trying to sell “small government”. Small government is not some pure fundamentalist vision for recapturing the original America that our forefathers described in the Constitution. Small government is a way to free up tax dollars that we now use to help the less fortunate among us; tax dollars we spend on welfare, food stamps, school lunches, health care, seniors, education, and many other social welfare programs.

Republicans could then use those “freed up” tax dollars to fund a bigger army, navy and air force, to produce newer nukes, to pay for fossil fuel fracking and pipeline operations. Then the whole wide world would fear America and we would be the most powerful nation in the world in perpetuity.

They would also be able to cut taxes on their wealthy “clients” so that they can turn America into a manufacturing giant once again without pesky environmental rules to make production more expensive, without switching to new energy sources. The money would supposedly trickle down to their factory workers in the salaries they would be paid. Corporations are paying about $2/hr. to workers in Asia and Mexico and elsewhere right now. What will American salaries look like if our factories come back right now? If the head huckster applies so many tax penalties on corporations that they are forced to bring the factories back do you think they won’t come up with ways to get even?

Republicans pretend that they can turn back the clock. They pretend that if there is climate change it is not caused by men and cannot be reversed by men, so, they reason, it is fine to continue pumping fossil fuel waste and CO2 into our atmosphere. We can send those guys back into the coal mines.

Small government means that states will no longer be subject to “helicopter” governing by the Federal government. People can take off those seat belts that have saved so many lives; they can throw out the car seats that keep so many children safe in cars.

States will be able to control education within their boundaries. They can require school prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and that schools teach Creationism. Republicans say they believe that when these things were erased from schools the moral fiber of our nation began to rot, families fell apart, and crime escalated out of control. If we can just get these religious family values back in our schools moral slippage will miraculously be reversed.

The GOP has absolutely convinced many Americans that immigrants who came to this country illegally have stolen their jobs and their tax dollars and have made Americas who were born here or who came legally poorer. Our minds feel righteous anger when anyone has committed a crime. These people “stole” a little piece of America. They sit on that piece illegally and they must pay for their crime.

The problem is that there are 11 million of these folks, or more. The fact is that our immigration system is so unregulated that these people could come here without documentation and stay here and make a life here. It is our fault that our system cannot find a way to stick to both our democratic ideals and check documentation of our citizens and our immigrants to separate those here legally from those here illegally.

It violates the rights of citizens to ask them to carry documents to prove their citizenship and to show those documents at various checkpoints in order to catch those who have no documents. Can you imagine having to show your papers every time you left one state and entered another, or got on an airplane or a train? We see visions of a Nazi state in this. It’s a tough one to solve and walls will not do it.

Republicans constantly smear the Democrats. All may be fair in love and politics, but this time they have turned the Democratic candidate for the Presidency, the first female candidate for the Presidency, into a monster. She has been made the apotheosis of all that is evil. She cheats, she lies, she topples governments, she is (and this is stressed as the worst of all her sins) dishonest and untrustworthy. Not many actual examples of her lack of character have actually been proven, but the whispers are still out there and almost impossible to disprove. And if you say anything often enough people repeat it as if it is true because (circular reasoning) everyone says it.

I could go on and on but I will not even speak about what the Republicans are letting their con man try to sell us about foreign policy and trade agreements and NATO and every other topic that matters to America, however, my point is that the Republicans have not offered us any policies that will be helpful to America over the past six years and they are not offering anything valuable now. Which is why they must smear Hillary Clinton and all Democrats – which is why they had to get a huckster to sell their snake oil to America.

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