Running Out of Time


We do not have time to legislate morality and it is not even appropriate to do so in America. We have issues of life and death to consider like how to reverse climate change on our planet, how to get off our planet if it becomes impossible to survive here. We need to decide what we will do if the air becomes un-breathe-able, if the water becomes undrinkable.


We don’t need to go back over things that have already been decided. We don’t need to rethink birth control, or a woman’s right to make decisions about her life and body including being able to have an abortion if she so chooses. Deciding exactly when life begins is irrelevant in these circumstances where the population of earth is well over 7 billion.


We need to plan for how we will feed the world’s people. We need to enlist everyone’s help make some tough decisions about our survival as a species.


We don’t have time to revisit whether or not the US will become a religious nation. It was already decided by our forefathers. We keep our government and our religion separate because our nation believes in freedom of religion and there are not different ways to parse this.


We do not have time for a new civil war over nonsense like whether our government will be large or small, whether it will be all white, all male or all diversified as to gender and race. Diversity is here and we don’t have time to reverse it. That cannot be a priority.


We don’t have time to worry about people’s sexual orientation. It doesn’t really matter.


We don’t have time for sectarian violence and all the ideological/religious chaos around the world. It is time to pretend that aliens have attacked us and we must unite to repel them. Of course, so far there are not any aliens, but nevertheless the planet is under attack and being destroyed. The reports about what we are doing to the earth are never good these days.


We don’t have time for climate deniers and Creationists. If they have their way we will lose the freedom we need to adopt laws that will help us meet the need of humans without destroying the home planet we are unable to leave.


We do not have time to fight about whether we should buck up the poor or let them die off if they can’t take care of their own needs. Perhaps someone from those humans at the bottom of the economy may offer valuable ideas that will help us all. We cannot afford the instability that will ensue if we no longer support our poorest citizens. We need to concentrate on human survival on earth. We need to expand our space program drastically so that, if we can’t save the planet, we can send some or all humans to a new planet to insure survival of the species.


We do not have time to attack our schools and make war on education. We can’t un-eat that apple from Eden, reverse that original sin. Ignorance will not bring back our innocence. It can’t be considered acceptable that keeping people uneducated will create a more malleable underclass. Who, except modern Republicans, thinks like that?


Maybe I’ve gone off the deep end and things are not nearly as dire as they seem to me, but it can’t hurt to try to create a better future through conservation, better organization, cooperation and thinking way outside the box. Perhaps there is so much distraction, escapism, and division all around the world because somewhere, at our core, we recognize that we are living in an age that represents a turning point, a pivot. We will either pivot back to a more primitive, less populated, and simpler life (if this is even possible given the state of our natural resources) or that pivot will deposit us in the future. Right now that primitive thing looks more likely.


I think a representative world body with some clout that spent its time brainstorming and collecting ideas, conducting research, and coordinating a space program and even an implementation of that much maligned Agenda 21 are starting to look like a pretty good way to start.


This could be our World War III, a cause larger than any one of us that brings us all together.


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