Hillary Email: The Motherlode



Well there is celebration in Trump-land today but, to me, it all seems just a bit too convenient. All along Republicans have promised to assault Hillary with her rumored crimes all the way to the 2016 election and they have made their promises come true in spectacular fashion. Perhaps they have hit the email motherlode. Perhaps they will finally be able to prove, once and for all, that Hillary is the monster they say she is, and a traitor to boot. Perhaps Hillary will end up in jail.

But I have a lot of questions about the way this all has happened. Here we have a “eureka moment” based on evidence that, to my mind, is tainted and a chain of evidence that is, possibly, problematic. I certainly do not want to get into any trouble with the FBI. I have no insider information. I am just sitting here speaking from my vantage point in the cheap seats offering up a different take on this possibly game-changing Friday night email news dump.

First of all, the fact that a letter was delivered to Congress and the news of this hit on a Friday guaranteed that the media would have their proverbial field day speculating about this for an entire weekend. It also guaranteed that the story would continue to dominate the news cycle because the media stars coming back from their weekend activities would have to weigh in. That timing gave the story major legs, and Trey Gowdy got to be on Joe Scarborough once again where his stunning list of Hillary’s stumbles (he means crimes) even made Mika gush about how damning things look.

Second, pardon me for being skeptical, how serendipitous! The dream scenario is delivered unto the Republicans at the last possible moment. But doesn’t it seem just a bit too convenient? And isn’t Donald Trump just a bit too happy. Finally he gets the media off his possibly criminal sexual exploits and onto the easier to litigate exploits of Anthony Weiner. He gets to crow that he was right all along about Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton. Whenever Donald Trump is crowing I am miserable.

Third, here we have a laptop of a man who is in the clutches of the courts, who looks like he has been caught in a serious crime, whose wife is leaving him, and who is, therefore, under great duress. This is a man who would make a deal. This is a man who could be talked into anything that might help him stay out of jail. Things could be planted in his laptop, perhaps Wikileaks documents (so they could be leaked from a more acceptable source) or even faked documents (although now that there are 650K of these emails phony documents are not so likely). Huma says that she did not have any access to that laptop but she may have had an email account there, even one opened by her husband. We know that anything can be downloaded into a computer through a thumb drive. I think there are ways that those documents could have been placed on that computer after Weiner was arrested.

I have no evidence, just the gut feeling that something is very fishy about this whole new email motherlode twist. All we can do is speculate while we face the increased possibility that we could end up with Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America. Then I am guessing, we will truly see what bad judgment brings when it is practiced on a grand scale.

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