We the People – Hypnotized

Watching DT choose his cabinet is sort of like rubbernecking at a terrible accident. You want to turn away but you can’t. You are hypnotized. All that past-its-prime testosterone on display, my, my. And American women actually thought it might be time to elect a woman President. Well our new president elect (not my president) is making it very clear that this is a male, excuse me, white male, dominated world. That makes the spectacle somehow even more fascinating. Watching the kiss-my-ring-courtiers-in-the-anteroom action at Trump tower made me think that I was back in a time dominated by white male kings.

Will this be a cabinet of serpents or of chess players? Probably both types of strategists will be represented in this crew of actors who are distinctly non-political, at least in the sense that we have no knowledge of how they will behave in our American political arena. That is what has us hypnotized. Are we watching the death throes of our American Democracy/Republic? Are we watching a sell-out to Russia? Are we watching savvy businessmen who can put the American economy back on top of the heap? Will there be any rules about what they can or cannot do as they supposedly are somewhat constrained by the American people and the Constitution, or will it be total unfettered Capitalism run amok? Are our American documents resilient enough to make it through to the other side of this onslaught or will we finally be only the Plutocracy we seem to have been headed towards all along?

Yes it is all astonishing, and because we have no idea how this will go, we are somewhat convinced that a wait-and-see attitude might be best. But our brains are screaming that this cannot turn out well. Letting this crew get their hands on American government will turn us into a nation we hardly recognize. Letting these admittedly very successful, but very intolerant and opinionated people control our fate will not bode well for “we the people.” After all, DT has already told us he does not respect us because we are not successful.

Can we shake ourselves out of our torpor? Can we come out of the tabloid trance induced by our daily news? Perhaps we could start with flash mobs, and work our way up to organized demonstrations that will at least register on the Washington Richter Scale. If we come out in large enough numbers then it might get through to the world that we do not all feel comfortable with our new administration and we wish to be heard. I am as bad as everyone else as I will not be putting together any demonstrations any time soon. It’s very cold here.

(Side note) At least it feels like the Republicans we used to love to oppose in Congress are also just a bunch of annoying fleas to these “he-men” that surround Trump. (Yes I know there are women but only in posts that are traditionally considered feminine.) So although these guys in Congress talk about repealing Obamacare and turning Medicare into a voucher program and privatizing Social Security we have no clue if the new King and his court are even paying any attention to these peons who are so excited to be finally in charge of remaking America in the Conservative image. Does DT have the same agenda as the Republicans? They seem to think so, but I have my doubts.

It is all so engrossing, and yet allowing ourselves to be onlookers is dangerous when our daily lives could be so deeply affected by what our “emperor” decides. Will it be too late once the president elect becomes the actual president?

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