After the Coup – A Critique of the Democrats

I have spent many hours watching the Republicans stage their “coup” against the Democrats and try (and mostly succeed) to control every part of the Executive branch, the Legislative branch and the Judicial branch in order to implement the Conservative agenda which they obviously, in their hubris, believe is their “gift” to America. This, of course, suggests that Conservatives feel that they are superior and that they want to and will hold sway over America for as long as we all shall live. I have written a book about this. I have gone on and on for the past six years, ad tedium, in my blog about each and every step the GOP took to get them where they are now. No one ever seemed to accept that anything so seditious could actually be happening. Would they have won the three branches without Trump? I don’t know, but they certainly did their homework. I think they got “Trumped” and have now made a bad bargain, but they still have control and they seem thrilled with it. Will they have regrets down the road? They don’t think so. Did you see how McConnell gave Elizabeth Warren the “little woman” treatment with that really disturbing smile on his face.

Not only did the Republicans drift to the edges of what could be considered Constitutional behavior in using extreme gerrymandering, voter suppression, a war on women, shutting down government, forcing massive spending cuts as in the sequester, making corporations people and money speech. (Do you really think our forefathers would find this acceptable – all that private money in government?) But they also set out to turn Ronald Reagan into a right wing saint and Bill and Hillary Clinton into left wing monsters. Bill and Hillary actually sort of helped turn themselves into the spitting images of powerful people who didn’t mind abusing power. And the Republicans acted horribly shocked, as if there is no one on the right who fits this description.

Democrats never went to bat for Hillary the way they should have. They totally gave the impression that they also believed Hillary was tainted and unelectable. Did the Dems know they were handing power, as they used to say in royal times, “willy-nilly,” to the Republicans? Bernie arose out of real progressive desires in the party (of which he was not a member) and it seemed possible to fight extreme right wing change with extreme left wing change. Given the enormous push by the GOP during the Obama years to make government smaller I’m not sure that that was ever an equal tug of war.  Bernie was not tainted but he probably would have been right quick. Should Hillary have been expected to sacrifice her chance to be President, probably her last chance, because the other party saw her coming and set about destroying her? I’m thinking that she thought the Democrats would give her all their avid support considering what might (and did) happen if the Democrats didn’t win.

If Bernie had not decided to run and if all of the Democratic Party had thrown its resources into fact-checking and overturning the sometimes quite diabolically fake charges used to demonize Hillary, would it have made a difference? Perhaps not and we will never know. But how much of the hate against Hillary can be laid at the feet of the Republicans in their quest to win control over the entire government of America? Well, although she may have been incomprehensibly complicit in the process of demonization I would say that the Republicans own the hate. All my suspicions aside, Hillary was vastly outmaneuvered and I don’t know if she would have been quite Machiavellian enough to lead America in these treacherous times.

The question remains as to why the Democrats were not up in arms and enlisting their loyal troops to demonstrate well before the election took place. The divisions in their ranks (either organic or engineered) prevented them from following their instincts, if not in relation to what the Republicans were up to, at least in relation to what they already perceived about Donald Trump. He came in on the GOP coattails, but the Democrats bear quite a bit of the responsibility for where our nation finds itself 20 days or so into the “reign” of 45. Have the Dems been wiped out or can they make a comeback? IDK

What I suggest is that the party not try to organize the resistance. Let the people do that. What the party should be doing is getting down there in those weeds at the local level, finding strong candidates wherever we can find them, raising bigger money from big donors than you can raise from grassroots donations and spending money to get those candidates trained, rehearsed in public speaking and public politicking, and ready for the 2018 election. Find out what constituents in the various local districts want that fits in with the Democratic agenda and make realistic campaign promises to work hard on those things in Congress. If we want to continue to exist as a party we have a lot to do, unless the GOP self-destructs, which it is “devoutly to be wished,” it will. I just don’t want them to take our nation down with them.

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