Test ACA By Using It As Intended

Republicans repeat time and again that the ACA is in a “death spiral”, that it is unsustainable and will die of its own internal flaws. The problem is that I will never believe them until they let the ACA function as it was intended to. Reinstate the mandate.


Get all the states to accept the Medicaid expansion. Test the ACA by using it as intended.

Free market health care will not work. That is why the ACA put together a public/private partnership. If there were a great option for health care that did not involve any public offerings someone would have already written that plan and it would have been approved right away. Do not listen to the insurance companies right now. They were terrible providers of health insurance if you care to remember. They only covered people who worked, for the most part, and, in fact, only people who worked for medium-sized to giant-sized companies.

If you were self-employed you could sometimes get good insurance when you joined a group or an organization, but if you were on your own insurance was either very pricey or covered very little. People who have preexisting conditions, contrary to popular opinion, do not always have those conditions because they have traveled down the “road to Perdition” and brought it on by their own vices.

Perhaps you heard the newest conclusion based on years of cancer research which says that cancer in our bodies depends on random changes in genes and does not necessarily result from bad lifestyle choices.


Although in the future we may once again hear evidence that random gene changes can be affected by some toxic external input, that is not what this recent study concluded. Obviously many people also have conditions besides cancer that are hereditary or work-related, or a result of an accident.

Insurance for most things can be logically based on risk. Health insurance is not that kind of insurance. Someone’s possessions are not what is at stake. Their quality of life is at stake. No insurance company in its right mind truly wants to cover something as risky as human health. But if they can deny insurance to anyone as soon as they show the slightest inclination to be sick or disabled then they can really rake in the profits by insuring only healthy people who get zapped off insurance as soon as symptoms appear. Although this might be good for the insurance industry, how is this good for people, who most assuredly will have health challenges at some point during their lives? Few people make it from cradle to grave without needing some care from the health sector at some point. There may not be a way to offer affordable and good quality health care and make a profit.

If the health insurance industry can prove that it can contain its greed and profit at a slow but steady rate, contain that hunger Capitalism encourages in its practitioners and “have a heart” for its clients, then perhaps we can keep private sector insurance for health concerns. I don’t believe that the insurance industry can practice any such restraint.

When we had only private insurance the competition which many promised would happen did not happen. Companies colluded. If one company raised premiums they all followed suit. If one company offered a new service to justify raising rates everyone jumped on the band wagon. And so, although many people would lose good jobs if private insurance disappeared, a single payer plan which would offer new jobs may be our only possibility if the ACA fails.

Both sides in Congress, if they are opposed to single payer need to find a way to make the current plan, the much maligned ACA, successful. So do the insurance companies. Single payer in America is not socialism. This is the people’s money and it is not socialism when the people decide how they want to spend their own money.

Now that the billionaires have had the American government make laws and tax breaks that shoveled all our money into their apparently bottomless pockets. they argue that the middle class and the poor do not pay enough taxes to support the ACA and that they definitely do not pay enough taxes to support a single payer plan, which these folks see as socialism, but which I do not. It is difficult to feel sad that a billionaire or millionaire might have possessed a few less billions or millions if we did not have such skewed laws. How many millions or billions can you spend, even in several generations? Did you ever read God Bless You Mrs. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut (probably no one reads Vonnegut anymore)? A billionaire wants to get rid of his fortune but every time he gives money away he gets more back.

It seems that billionaires feel faint even thinking about parting with a few million, which they have now convinced themselves appeared in their pockets totally through their own incredible talents and their sole efforts. In order to put an end to this standoff that has arisen because these privileged people have decided to refuse to contribute a portion of their wealth back to our government for the public good, perhaps the taxpayers who are not wealthy will be willing to pay taxes that are a bit higher in order to cover the safety net, the benefits we need as seniors, and a single-payer health care system. Why doesn’t that Congressional Budget Office give the people a figure on what it would cost the people who are not rich to pay for single payer health care and other social benefit programs on their own?

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