Modern Witch Hunting

There are men in Congress so obsessed with women’s reproduction processes that they try to defund an organization that has helped women with their unique health issues for decades and they try to do this over and over again. Our Supreme Court upheld a woman’s right to control her own pregnancies in the famous Roe v Wade decision. But some men in Congress, unable to overturn this decision, are trying to make sure that the Federal government does not fund it. Some of these self-righteous men are even fathers but have no respect for the miracle that gave them their children and the complications and dangers that can accompany that miracle. Some do not even want the Federal government to help women with the costs of contraception or to help pay for the health needs particular to women because they feel these services allow women to have a sexual freedom which they disapprove of. Since Planned Parenthood uses its own private funds to make sure needy women can get an abortion when they need to these men want to withdraw all funding from women’s health services so that Planned Parenthood does not get one cent of federal money. This money does not belong to these men. It belongs to “we the people”. They do not actually run the government, they represent us and we run the government, because, supposedly, they vote for the things we need.

Whenever you see a photo of those who take this grim, judgmental position on behalf of women (really?) the photo will almost always show only men. Apparently it is not so easy to keep government and religion separate, but it is essential since you cannot guarantee freedom of religion without this separation. But on the issue of women’s reproductive choice some men turn into ancient Puritanical authority figures glaring disapprovingly at any woman who has the temerity to believe that she should control any decisions she makes about her own body. These men seems to feel that women are so frail that they must be protected from their own tendency to sin. The way these men, who do wield power in modern America, have used Planned Parenthood to pursue their atavistic agenda frightens women. It feels like modern witch hunting. It is like a time machine right back to the Salem Witch Hunts.

I know for people with strong Christian values this issue is one that people truly struggle with. These men in our Congress seem obsessed though and obsession is not a Christian quality either. If you are not a woman then let this moral struggle go. Leave it to women to make their own decisions in this matter and accept the consequences in both this world and the next. Perhaps there is a Freudian secret here and men are really trying to control birth in women because it is the one thing they cannot do by themselves.

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