Time For an Internet Boycott

I don’t think I ever saw a new law impact my life so quickly as the new law that says ISP’s can access your browsing history and your personal information. I didn’t even know that 45 had signed it yet. We are going to have to accept that it is time for an internet boycott.

When my sister sent me a message on “Messenger” two days ago she teasingly suggested that we buy my mom a caftan that costs over $3500. When I sent her a new message today there was a pop-up showing the last four numbers of my debit card asking me if I wanted to buy that caftan with just one click? I have never seen such a prompt in Messenger before but it would be quite easy to push the wrong button here and then, in my case, my bank account would have declined; but this kind of activity is wrong. What if I did have enough money in my account? How does being declined by your bank affect your credit?

I am a blogger so I write online and, of course, I will continue to do that because the internet is the only platform for bloggers. But for a while I will stop purchasing things on line. I will boycott the internet. I will either call the seller directly or go to a brick and mortar store.

I was actually messaging my sister to tell her that my mom would have a different aide tomorrow. I did not even have to type in the keyboard. As soon as I mentioned the name of the caller the message to my sister appeared word by word in the bar above the keyboard. Somehow my tablet or Facebook knew everything I had discussed on the phone.

I will use a land line from now on to speak to my family and friends and to conduct business and I will not communicate through Facebook or the internet. I have not tried texting yet. I’ll see if the text feature is spying on me also. This is very upsetting. I did not think that the “big brother” age had made it this far yet.

If internet service providers cannot control themselves and their greed we may all have to avoid our computers, our smart phones, our smart TV’s, and those new devices that we can talk to like Alexa. I do not want something in my home that can hear me or see me when I think that I have privacy. Will we have to go back in time to avoid the problem of boundaries on the internet?

The problems of hacking an election and planting fake news seem all too frightening and just wrong, but when it becomes this personal it hits a bit too close to home. I guess these are the Wild West days of the internet. Will our “smart” devices eventually get some etiquette that sticks and place some limits on the behavior of those who offer services to “we the people” for profit? Or will we have to find ways to block them from reading our minds when what we are doing or saying is none of their business? Perhaps someone will market something like a lead-lined box to place around a device that will block the Ethernet. Will that even work? Is lead the “kryptonite” for the Internet? If not then something else probably is. Perhaps microwaves? (A Dirty Dancing reference might work here – is there sheet music for this?)

I know! They will sell us something to shut spying down and then someone will mysteriously figure out how to bypass that device and they will sell us a new device and on and on it will go. But don’t they have to use the same computers we all use when they go home to their private lives? Boycotting is our best bet to make the point that business and our government need to mind their own campfires and keep their noses out of ours. (It’s a cave man thing.)

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