Trump Could Be My President If…

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Trump is unhappy with the Republicans because they were not able to pass their terrible health care bill with the ridiculously ironic name “Better Care Reconciliation Act”. He blames the Democrats because not one Democrat voted for this bill. This bill is against everything Democrats want for American healthcare. There is no way a single Democrat could have voted for this bill and have kept his seat in the Senate.


Trump’s backing of this very exclusionary bill gives me just one more reason to say that Donald Trump is not my President. He cares nothing about the middle class or the poor because we are not winners and we, to his mind, do not make America look like a winner on the world stage, although our freedom used to inspire people all around the globe.


Well he is wrong in so many ways. He can line the pockets of those who are already wealthy. He can overturn all the energy regulations and all the fetters that have been placed on Capitalism, an economic system which can get quite rapacious if it is not held in check, but I do believe that it will not stop the new “ism” – globalism.


He can close our borders and leave our allies to deal with refugees arriving in such large numbers that helping them find a niche in a new nation is next to impossible given the resources available at this moment. Isolation, however will not serve America well.


I would like to admire whoever is the President in America because I love my country but I will not admire someone who does not feel any need to serve all Americans but serves only the wealthy. I cannot admire a President who pretends to not believe in the science of climate change but who does believe in the science of space travel.


I cannot admire a President who does not accept that we need friends on this planet, that the world is smaller than it has ever been, that national boundaries are not walls and do not keep people from wandering all over the planet. If you want to control immigration you need a system that works every time, that has a reputation of keeping undocumented travelers out consistently and firmly without being cruel. Stopping all immigration will not work in the long run.


A President who wants to dismantle our Federal government and yet does not seem to be willing to take in any information but that which is whispered in his ear by advisors whose beliefs represent a tiny portion of the things most Americas believe is a President I can never admire.


I believe that Mr. Trump could change his ways and clean out the nest of vipers in his current government, he could tune into the true needs and feelings of most Americans, stop romancing Russia, and accept the friendship of our allies who would be glad to offer it to someone who understands the 21st century and who isn’t terribly busy trying to recreate the 1950’s or the 1890’s or whatever. Then I might be proud to claim him as my President.


Globalism is happening and do not believe all the bad press it is getting. It does not necessarily mean the end of nations. It can be stopped but at a great cost; with stagnation and discontent. It is only the beginning of this new global age and those who accept it and strive to create the rules under which the new globalism will work can usher in this new age with some grace and positivity. But the barriers are coming down and people are on the move. However disruptive and frightening these changes might be it is the way in which we meet these challenges that will determine if our future on earth is one of chaos and decay, or exciting new opportunities and growth.


A person cannot be my President if he is not even able to tell the difference between a good health care bill and a bad one. I need my President to show me that he’s got this and he can focus on something besides his short-term definitions of winning, that he wants to pitch in with all the floundering leaders in this newly arrived global age and help figure out how to win in the long term.


A person cannot be my President if he allows Steven Bannon and his cohorts anywhere near him. Stand up on your own two feet Mr. Trump and be the President American needs and the one the world needs. Do this by acting the opposite of the way you have been behaving so far.





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