True Goals of the Alt-Right


No one is afraid of liberals. No one has to steel their heart and check their guns when they hear that the liberals are taking to the streets. That is the main difference between the alt-right and the left. There is no alt-left; that is “fake news”, unless it refers to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who usually (never) set out to intimidate anyone unless you are afraid of their long term ideology.

The Neo-Nazi’s, White Supremacists, the KKK, and White Nationalists, on the other hand, are frightening. They are intimidating on purpose. They move in a pseudo-military cadence, they threaten people by carrying weapons, by scowling, by using symbolic body language like the Nazi salute. The left chants against inequality. The alt-right chants about exclusion, bloody exclusion (blood and soil) and threatens people whose relatives were either gassed or lived out their lives with numbers tattooed on their forearms. (Jew will not replace me.)

The alt-right has a problem. It’s a fairly big problem. Their problem is the conundrum about what to do about Americans of African Descent. They are dark-skinned people, pigmented people. They have been in America longer than the ancestors of most Americans. You cannot make America white by sending all the pigmented immigrants home. You will still be left with the people your ancestors kidnapped/bought and brought here against their will. This is the problem that rests at the bottom of losing the Civil War.

The White Nationalists don’t have a lot of choices if they really want to “preserve” an all-white nation. How will they deal with the African-American problem? These people cannot be accused of being here illegally. They cannot be sent home. They could, of course, be eliminated; killed and imprisoned. Sometimes it looks like there are already attempts to implement these strategies.

Americans of African Descent could be subjugated once again, “put them back in their rightful place”, but not without violent opposition.

Hasn’t this grossed you out yet? Doesn’t this function like a radioactive marker on a CT scan to highlight the cancerous growth that is the alt-right (I use this as a convenient term to represent all of the individual groups in the white nationalist movement?) These ideas do not animate liberals or

anyone o


n the left.

The white supremacists, etc. see one more choice. They could form an all-white separatist state within the current borders of the United States. The South could symbolically rise again. Would the rest of us let them go or would we fight a new Civil War to keep the American states united as one nation? Are we fighting that war right now; at least the ideological foreplay of that war?

Have you ever considered the possibility that the whole idea of the limits on federal power, of giving power to individual states, may be, at base, all about fighting for white supremacy from within the system rather than declaring an actual war? Well I have.

The right and the left are not the same at all in my mind. If they are in yours perhaps you favor the idea that we divide into two separate nations, one for white-skinned Americans and another for everyone who doesn’t think that skin-color makes any difference in the grand scheme of things.

Have you spit in a tube to have your DNA tested recently? It might be an eye-opener. You may find that you have already lost the war for white supremacy.


One thought on “True Goals of the Alt-Right”

  1. Please remove my artwork from your post. You do not have my permission to use this out of context and without credit. If you do not remove my photograph I will be forced to file legal charges against you.


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