Snowflakes and Ghosts

When I spent a few dollars to have my post about white nationalism “boosted” out on Facebook to more readers, two right-wingers piled on to comment. One argued that the Antifa and the BLM are way worse than the KKK which is very weak and on its last legs. I did not let them get away with that.

I got called a snowflake. But I know the power of deep snow. One snowflake – flaky, cute and doomed. A huge lake effect snow event however is an entirely different story. Without good governance, without effective snow removal plans such a snowfall could be a killer. Even with good services in place people have died.

But I think I would rather be a snowflake than some kind of unfriendly ghost, clinging to a past that is unlikely to return. The GOP seems to be trying to create the ultimate “safe space” for right wingers. They plan to establish an empire that will keep white folks on top of the social heap. Well they had better get the masses busy having lots of white babies and they had better get them busy right away if they want the future of our planet to be white. Some folks are way ahead of us in terms of population.

Right wingers also want a booming economy, although who will trade with us once we have shut ourselves away in the prison that an isolationist America will become. I do not know. We import much more these days than we export.

The middle class had better not fool themselves. They will be fodder for the industrial machine, especially with the power of labor unions nullified. Women will no longer work. They will be baby factories and tasked with reanimating the nuclear family. It will have to be a rather giant nuclear family. Perhaps polygamy will no longer be illegal.

Let the globe rage around us. We will be an island of peace and industry, the GOP contends, (but not an island of freedom).

There are a fair number of problems with this plan. It is very likely that our enemies – and they will be legion – will simply lob bombs into our “sanctuary” until it is obliterated and then someone, as soon as this newly opened territory becomes livable again, will claim it, or there will be a bloody war to decide who gets our once beautiful land.

Oceans and walls will not keep people out forever.

Perhaps after the resources of America are all found and consumed in every way that the avaricious desire, our land will no longer be a temptation for any other nation. Instead of beauty extending from sea to shining sea, our nation will be a grim wasteland.

I don’t see where isolationism and nationalism lead to any great future. Don’t ask for what you want because you might get it.

When times get tough and these are already tough times, you need your neighbors more than you normally do. We will certainly need Europe and any other nations who want to keep some order to the changes that are boiling up around us. If you want white-skinned folks to remain relevant you must be in the mix, pitching in, making life better for all of the poor and the victimized and the desolate. Cooperation will serve us all in creating a stable world for humans to live in.

A society is not only an economy. We have lived in a free society. We know the sweet taste of it. We have tried to make equal opportunity possible. And yet, although we may have pioneered the idea of a social safety net to lift up the poorest among us (which lifts us all up), we have such strong opposition to giving people “something for nothing” that we are now have the most poorly distributed wealth of all societies on the globe.

And still wealthy Americans are not happy with what they have. They want us to put more money in their pockets. These people have even convinced average Americans through Svengali levels of propaganda to help the rich put more of our money in their pockets. “Don’t worry,” they say, “we’ll throw some coins your way.” “We’ll give you back one of those jobs that you will perform from cradle to grave and then we’ll yank away your pension and raise the retirement age just when you sense that freedom is near.”

So I guess we should risk being snowflakes every day because it seems better than being ghosts. I see nothing positive being offered to the American people by the GOP.

At least if we go with the globalists there is a chance that we will have robust human societies on this planet for centuries to come. It will take time and patience to get everyone up to speed. Christians, Muslims and all religions either learn to coexist peacefully or we will not have to worry about which society is number one. We will be immersed in war for decades to come. That is where we are trying not to go. And America under Trump, and the GOP are not helping.

My views of the future are not based on facts. They cannot be, because any prediction is a hypothetical. The GOP has predictions also but I don’t know if they are being honest with us or not, the propaganda campaign has been so omnipresent. I believe that isolationism will lead to atrophy and the fall of our grand experiment. What do you predict the current politics of each side would bring for America and for the world?

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