To the Media: Don’t Poke the Elephants

The media, especially the media on the left, loves to hector Trump about his lack of accomplishments but this is a dangerous pastime if you consider Trump’s personal reactions to criticism. As he says, he’s a puncher. Are some in the media trying to keep him punching back – because that is his most likely move should they keep up their taunts. I not sure it’s a move that bodes well for we the people.

The truth is that I hate the Republican agenda. I think it is important to keep the GOP from getting the policies it says it wants like limited government, sending block grants to the states for health, education, and welfare and much more. The Federal government they want will only be about the military, the budget and foreign affairs. But governments should not be armies, at least they should not be only about armies. Governments should be about societies and people. Governments should not just be about money, and our government should not be in the business of trading power for dollars.

While it is true that many Americans cannot contribute enough tax dollars to support the safety net programs they use, it is wrong to kick folks when they are down, especially after you have stolen all their money through legislation that favors those of you who already are affluent.

While our economy may not be booming as it has been in the past, it will eventually find the impetus to thrive again. The GOP does not want to wait for a real organic boom based on a new age of innovation. They want to keep stimulating the economy to produce profits through artificial stimuli, things that don’t work like “trickle down”. In the 21st century you probably cannot produce a boom out of thin air, at least if you happen to be a party that doesn’t even believe in the need to find and use alternative energies. They won’t get a boom using their “mean” plans to force the poor to sink or swim. They won’t get a boom from their plan to pocket even more American tax dollars no matter how limited a government we end up with. They may get a boom from a war, but that could be the big boom, the one that brings about the apocalypse (hint: there are no zombies, when you die, you die).

If the GOP accomplishes its big policy items, we the people get screwed and America changes forever. We all lose. Small government favors capitalism and capitalists; they get government off their backs in terms of regulation. But Capitalism and capitalists have already won so much. If what they want is more profit and they can only get it by cutting their burdens loose, then guess what their burdens consist of, all of the rest of us who are not wealthy. They no longer want to honor the bargain of a democratic government which relies on proportional contributions from the various constituencies. They feel that they have created a population that refuses to work and places a constant drag on their fortunes. They do not agree that they passed laws that have allowed them to horde the money that we all should have shared.

We could possibly innovate our way to a new economic boom. If tax dollars, instead of going to cuts, went to budget initiatives to get Americans trained in mathematics, science and technology the new Henry Ford might pop out of the herd. If we did not isolate ourselves but let the pungent stew that is created when people from different nations mix and mingle and learn, then we might have a new Bill Gates or Steven Jobs or Elon Musk. We could put our money into research and patronage of innovators. But the GOP has decided to choose this moment in time to decide that intelligence is vastly overrated and is just a political inconvenience that makes it harder to turn the media into a propaganda tool. Fortunately the best of our media still has not gone down this route, but oddly enough the fake media is far more popular than the legitimate media and this is also by design. I may be busy chastising the reliable media folks, but I still value them very highly.

However, I am upset with the “real” media for egging Trump and the GOP on to get something big done. I get it that you think they will fail and you want to be right, but in the meantime, quietly and steadily, behind the scenes both Trump and the GOP (especially the cabinet and the House of Representatives) are transforming Washington and not in good ways. Less regulation is unlikely to have much of a positive effect on business, but can have severe detriments for the rights of we the people. People may no longer be protected from injury on their jobs. Consumers will not be protected from usurious lenders. Children may be born with birth defects if farmers go back to using a fertilizer that was banned because it scrambled genes. And regulations are being overturned each and every day. Climate regulations, regulations that protect workers and consumers, regulations that prevent “creative” investment scams that could bring us to the brink of another recession or worse. The beastly bits of Capitalism in America have been freed and we are what the beast feeds on. Pretty soon it will be as if Obama was never our enlightened President at all.

So why does the media talk about tax reform, particularly GOP tax reform, as something that needs to be passed. All tax reforms are not equal. Whether tax reform is carefully considered or not depends on the ideology of those making the cuts. The media should be stressing over and over again that this is not the middle class tax cut vehicle it is being advertised to be. They need to keep reminding us that the middle class nets very little from this round of tax cuts despite what you see in the folksy ads that sponsor your local news each night. The Republican plan benefits those who are already wealthy far more than it benefits the middle class. Not one more cent should go to wealthy Americans. They do not need any more money. They cannot even spend what they have in several lifetimes, and they have more than forgotten that they stole it from you, in some cases by begrudging appropriate payment for your labors. The media is our memory and our organizer; they need to keep lists for us of all the regulations we have lost. We need to be reminded of how much of our government has already been dismantled.

Why are you folks we still trust, you guys in the “real” media; why are you poking the elephants? Why are you constantly annoying them by stressing what they haven’t been able to accomplish? Trump is the one being most riled by your poking around. This tactic, however satisfying, will only make the beast rage and we will be punished with terrible laws all passed under the rules of reconciliation; rules used in ways they were never intended to be used.

We could just enjoy a quiet glee if Trump and the GOP are unable to do their worst and wait until later when we are free of them all for our premature high fives. It looks like you folks will not be able to forgo ratings, to stop trying to goad our ersatz government to pass the things we don’t want passed. Keep it up and there may not ever be any high fives. Perhaps letting the GOP do their damage at a faster pace will cause the fallacies of their policies to show up sooner, rather than later? But I worry that this little trip back in time could last far longer than we will like and change America beyond all recognition. Perhaps you are trying to create an elephant stampede led by a rogue elephant…there are all kinds of possibilities in that, but again, not all the possibilities are good ones.

The New York Times, part of the “real” media, keeping it real:

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