Women’s Rights Under Sneak Attack

Did you know that an obscure section of the Republican Tax Bill, if approved, could grant “personhood” to fetuses? The tax bill would allow you to open a College Savings account for your unborn child. This looks like a sneaky way to grant personhood to the unborn. Once a group of multiplying cells becomes defined as a person at conception, overturning women’s reproductive control over their own bodies will be a done deal, and women’s rights to choose will disappear. There is no way that this fraught issue should be settled in such an underhanded /backhanded way. When we approach this decision head-on personhood for embryos has not been popular enough to become the law of the land. We must always beware of 400+ page bills, but we should be even more wary of bills that are deliberately rushed to the floor to prevent public appraisal. This is not the tax deal the middle class is looking for.



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