Countable App – A Great App

Do you have the Countable app? If you don’t you should download it. It is the most helpful app for citizens who want to participate in their democratic government. Although it leans left, it is not exclusively used by liberals. It has a format that is so well-designed that it allows you to stay in your chosen bubble and still use the site to your advantage.

Each day the staff at Countable tells you what bills are coming up for a vote that day, with the House being far more active, often considering resolutions rather than bills, and the Senate doing far less, but considering matters that could have far larger impacts on we the people. They explain each matter under consideration by either body and the explanations are in everyday language. They look at each matter from both partisan positions. They explain what a “yea” vote would mean and what a “nay” vote would mean.

After that you get a chance to comment on why you would vote yea or nay on the matter, or to explain your position on the matter. That is satisfying enough, but after your comment is posted it can be read by other countable clients and they can “like” it or even endorse it. There is more. The app will forward your comments about a resolution or a bill, or sometimes even just an issue or a policy, directly to your senators and representative. I get letters from my representative all the time thanking me for my input (which he, of course, disagrees with) and I get nicer letters from my senators because they agree with me more often than not (lucky me). This offers proof that the app functions exactly as promised. It is such a good app that it won recognition recently as the best new app.

Here’s an article on the subject:


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