Fail and Die: Survive and Live

New TV Reality Show

The American Middle Class is now starring in a new TV reality series based on that old method tough Dads use to teach their children to swim; the old sink-or-swim technique.

The premise of the show is that the wealthy will commandeer all the money, except a pittance. They will take away benefits in the safety net and healthcare programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

The inflation that follows from a monetary policy that intends to prove that the American economy is flourishing (even if only for perhaps, generously, 10% of the population) will make whatever money middle class folks still have seem like much less.

Then the wealthy will observe and report what happens on this very popular TV show.

This show will be a sort of mashup between Survivor and Thunderdome.

It will turn the middle class into entertainment for the wealthy. Even the middle class will watch with horrified fascination when some other middle class family (not theirs) is in the headlights.

The show could be called “Culling the Herd” but that title does not test as well as the one we have chosen.

Our new goal is to find a way to produce this reality show internationally, especially in some of the countries where problems with overpopulation threaten the quality of life on the planet and our enjoyment of all our wealth.

Having our planet all to ourselves will be if gift we give ourselves for being so successful.



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