Elon Musk Goes to Space

Elon Musk launched this Tesla into space yesterday February 6, 2018. This car and it’s empty-suit “driver” is now I orbit around earth. The car has the David Bowie song “Ground Control to Major Tom (Space Oddity) playing in space on a perpetual loop. The human spirit of adventure is alive and well and offers hope for the future. Will we have a new era of Manifest Destiny, perhaps a kinder, gentler version? Something to look forward to.


Corrections: In my excitement I got a couple of things wrong. 1) That red Tesla is not circling earth. It is traveling through space on a trajectory between Mars and Jupiter. 2) Space Oddity will not play through all time. In fact it only played for six hours because of the battery life. (Someone really needs to work on batteries.)



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