GOP Men Who Just Say NO

These are times when a few men have so much power that they can just say no without giving any reasons. The problem is that these are men with power in what is supposed to be a democracy/republic. These people are elected to power by we the people. What factors allow these men, elected by us, to just cross their arms or shake their fingers and utter a stubborn and stern faced NO. And that ends all conversation on that topic. That ends any hope of discussion or compromise. Our politicians used to have to at least pretend to accept that there might be validity in other points of view. Men in the time of Trump, in the time when the GOP controls all branches of government, do not have to pretend to listen to points of view that differ from theirs. They can just say “No” – and they do it regularly. To me it looks as if our democracy/republic is already just a myth. Here’s a new and better place to use the President’s favorite put-down, but with it’s original meaning – “sad”.


Mitch McConnell says “no”.

From the Washington Examiner


Grover Norquist says “no”, “thou shalt not raise taxes”


Wayne LaPierre says “no”, “thou shalt not change gun laws


Washington Times

Still NO – Even after Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School!

You Tube

Donald Trump says “no, and then yes and then no again”

GNN Liberia

Watching Fox News – loving the just say no guys and their friends the Kochs



Fox “Fake” News did the heavy lifting.


Don’t forget this either:

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