Conservative Creep – Causes and Cures

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To Governor Cuomo and the people of New York State and America:

Why have Conservatives been able to gain such a strong foothold in Central NY?

Here are a couple of stories that might offer us a hint.

Two boys/young men (both 18) in Watertown, NY started a fire in a factory in that town and two firefighters were injured and sent to the hospital in Syracuse.

Scott J. Munson and John H. Long, both 18, were arrested Tuesday by the Watertown Police Department. They were charged with starting a fire that severely damaged a vacant building and caused a brick wall to fall on firefighters who were battling the blaze.

These 18 years olds are no longer in school. What do they do all day? Of course the article did not say, however it looks like they do not have any constructive activities, and perhaps no plans for the future that will lead to any kind of enjoyable, productive lives. Right now they will probably be in jail for a while, which absolutely is not likely, statistically speaking, to lead to any positive outcomes. I am guessing these two did not love school. Did they ever get any help? Did anyone ever ask them what they would like to do and help make concrete plans so they could have a different future? I doubt it. By the time a counselor might have been available to talk with them they were most likely in high school and not open to discussions with adults who seemed to be in positions of authority. So two lives wasted, at least for a while, and these guys are not alone. Boys in the North Country (north of Syracuse, NY are often in the same state as these two when they leave school and girls seem to believe that their only opportunity is to marry someone a bit better off than these two. Fort Drum is nearby offering girls the “Officer and Gentleman” experience (if they are very lucky).

Here’s another recent news story from around Syracuse:

More than 40 school shooting, violence threats in Upstate NY since Parkland (list)

“Since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14, shooting threats at school across America have come into sharp focus.

In Upstate New York alone, there have been more than 40 incidents of reported or rumored threats of shootings, bombings, arson or other forms of violence against schools in the region and their students and staff. Some have resulted in arrests while others resulted in disciplinary action.”

“Shortly after the Parkland shooting, a wave of threats were made to school districts in Madison, Cayuga, Jefferson, Monroe , Rensselaer, Cattaraugus, Erie and Delaware Counties within a few days. Threats were made both in person and on social media. Some were not deemed credible.”

You can read the article, if you are interested in a description of each of the 40 incidents. Most of these children are between the ages of 12 and 15, although at least one suspect is 23. It may be that some of these young children just wanted to get out of school and did not understand what could happen to them, but in some cases weapons were found and threats seemed credible.

There are symptoms that we need to evaluate and remediate  (Causes)

What are we missing in our American towns, villages, and small cities? Why would so many children carry out threat calls or plan terrorist acts? It is a symptom that our society is not offering opportunity and security to our young people. How could it? Even adults don’t find much in the way of opportunity or creativity or productivity or security.

The popularity of Fox News in our Central NY communities is another symptom that people want answers. All evening and all weekend long Fox commentators tell the parents of these children that they know the answers, and they tell them that the Democrats ruined American society by forcing programs on the government such as Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare, Disability, Obamacare. The media on the right tells parents that those lefties are letting illegal immigrants stay in this country (although both parties share the guilt for an ineffective immigration system). They convince their listeners that Democrats are “bleeding hearts” (a Catholic symbol that people may actually have on their bedroom walls) and we are too concerned about human rights to take care of American rights. Fox News offers both answers and blame, making sure that the people know who to vote for if they vote at all.

These are not all good people and not all bad people. Many worked all their lives until the factories where they worked closed. Some lost their pensions. Most did not go to high school. They are friendly people who, for the most part, work/ed hard. They do not always encourage their children to do well in school however. They may not all be traditional parents who make dinners and cookies and keep up with the laundry and watch movies with their children, although in farm communities children still help their parents with farm work. But they, and their children, can see that opportunities are fewer, and jobs require fairly basic skills, and paychecks are unlikely to be big enough to cover expenses.

Conservatives make promises to these folks. We will bring factories back (now they say jobs). We will deport immigrants. We will stop giving government money to those who don’t deserve it (minorities) so there will be enough for you. We will make sure you can keep your guns (in case there is a revolution). They offer security.

They never say we will give more money to people who are already rich. They never say that if they replace healthcare with their own plan certain valuable factors will be lost such as coverage of pre-existing conditions, and no lifetime caps. Many of these folks are caregivers for elderly parents and children with disabilities.

Here are some numbers. Notice how much worse the stats are for younger people than they are for older people. These are 2018 numbers.

#1 Rome

Total unemployment rate: 5.5%
Total labor force participation rate: 55%

Unemployment rates by age:
16-19: 11.8%
20-24: 10.3%
25-29: 10.4%
30-34: 4.1%
35-44: 4.9%
45-54: 0.8%
55-59: 1.8%
60-64: 3.5%
65-74: 14%
75+: 5.4%

Eligible population: 26658

#6 North Tonawanda

Total unemployment rate: 7.9%
Total labor force participation rate: 66.3%

Unemployment rates by age:
16-19: 26.8%
20-24: 9.2%
25-29: 10.1%
30-34: 6.3%
35-44: 7.4%
45-54: 4%
55-59: 8.8%
60-64: 2.3%
65-74: 11.5%
75+: 0%

Eligible population: 25942

#8 Watertown

Total unemployment rate: 9.2%
Total labor force participation rate: 65.2%

Unemployment rates by age:
16-19: 30.1%
20-24: 10%
25-29: 4.9%
30-34: 6.4%
35-44: 8.2%
45-54: 16.2%
55-59: 7.9%
60-64: 1.1%
65-74: 1.9%
75+: 0%

Eligible population: 21146

#10 Auburn

Total unemployment rate: 9.7%
Total labor force participation rate: 57.3%

Unemployment rates by age:
16-19: 28.1%
20-24: 18.1%
25-29: 16.4%
30-34: 9.7%
35-44: 4.1%
45-54: 7.1%
55-59: 2.9%
60-64: 5.4%
65-74: 1%
75+: 5.5%

Eligible population: 22331

#12 Buffalo

Total unemployment rate: 9.9%
Total labor force participation rate: 58.7%

Unemployment rates by age:
16-19: 29.3%
20-24: 12.1%
25-29: 10.1%
30-34: 8.4%
35-44: 9%
45-54: 8%
55-59: 6.7%
60-64: 6.7%
65-74: 8.9%
75+: 5.5%

Eligible population: 206177

#15 Syracuse

Total unemployment rate: 10.7%
Total labor force participation rate: 56.7%

Unemployment rates by age:
16-19: 34.6%
20-24: 13.2%
25-29: 8.5%
30-34: 8.6%
35-44: 10.5%
45-54: 8.6%
55-59: 5.9%
60-64: 6%
65-74: 3.5%
75+: 3.5%

Eligible population: 116091

#18 Utica

Total unemployment rate: 11.9%
Total labor force participation rate: 57.5%

Unemployment rates by age:
16-19: 27.6%
20-24: 13.9%
25-29: 15.2%
30-34: 13.4%
35-44: 11.4%
45-54: 7.9%
55-59: 7.9%
60-64: 8%
65-74: 4.1%
75+: 4.8%

Eligible population: 47467


It is hard to imagine what a young person feels when they live in a community which offers them so little. Kids with skills leave to take jobs in other geographic locations. Kids and young adults without money or training destroy their lives with opioids, or other illegal activities, or grind away at jobs that will never offer enough money to rise up or raise a family with any more hope than they currently have. No wonder people feel hopeless and do even terrible things to get noticed or try to get ahead. No wonder they listen to the same news shows that their parents listen to and come to believe that Republicans have the answers they seek, even though there is no proof that Republican ideas will even leave us with a workable society at all. They blame the recession on Obama, who could not have been responsible for that bad economy since he was not yet in office when the financial bubble broke.

What can we do to restore some balance? (Cures)

Our federal government is just about useless at the moment (I just cannot give Trump credit for the healthier economy yet or perhaps ever.) I will look to Albany to come up with ways to help our young people and reverse the trend of fairly radical conservative influences that are giving us representatives to the US House who are simply Republican rubber stamps or outright Trumpists. All the best solutions will involve approaches to education and training.

This will require spending money in areas of the state that do not provide the state treasury with a lot of money, and it will require bucking the demands of  wealthier downstate constituents, not to mention NY Republicans without losing the ability to get reelected. OK, that’s a pretty tall order. But if the programs that Central NY needs to discover the talents and train the children get a strong start, they will perhaps become more self-sustaining or, at least, less expensive. It will not be easy to convince neglected young people that these opportunities are real because so many programs fail. Find great people, design great programs and they will come. The way our young people’s lives are being wasted or constrained will be a constant drain on our state and our nation. Conservatives are not infiltrating the area to solve its problems. They are only here to exploit people’s discontent in order to get votes. Please get a committee working on some way to get us more balance between the left and the right in Central NY. Find us ways to save our young people. These people feel invisible.

Many of the towns and villages around Syracuse, NY are rural and many are set in the midst of beautiful landscapes. These places offer or could offer entertainments for people who enjoy activities in natural environments. It might be possible to boost the leisure industries in some of these areas without ruining the state of nature that makes them so attractive. Ecotourism, fishing businesses, hiking venues, more winter sports venues, boating activities, legal swimming locations, and the hotels that would be necessary to keep consumers who enjoy beautiful spots happy, would also provide employment for citizens in the area. If the left agrees to act, then people will, soon enough, see that the Conservatives are all talk, talk, talk (small government).

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