Be Best and Melania Trump


MELANIA_TRUMP_big star tribuneMelania Trump does not seem to crave the limelight. She seems a bit timid. She seems aware that every time she pokes her nose out in public, the press, which has taken to calling “the chattering class” – truth and insult wrapped in a Trumpian-style nickname – the press will write something about her. Because she is married to Donald Trump, at odds with most of the press, what people will write will not necessarily be kind. Many question how someone married to a bully can launch a campaign against bullies. But perhaps this is actually a matter of who would be better? Melanie may not want to leave her husband, although we see that as a sort of “Stockholm syndrome”. But she was a fierce protector of her young son, Baron. She refused to live in DC until he finished his school year in NYC. She may also have had more selfish reasons for staying away in the early, most chaotic days of the new administration. After all she is most likely fully aware of what her husband is like when he is starting a new “venture”. Who knows what really goes on in a marriage. There may have been some of the renowned negotiation skill involved. Perhaps Trump is not the only member of this marriage with negotiation skills.

While it is true that Be Best can be bashed as grammatically-challenged, or as Eastern European dialect, I also think that the abruptness of the title, and its seeming lack of clarity and content may have been built-in to give programs for children who elect to use the slogan an opportunity to plump it out with pronouns of their choice. I made a very simple video to illustrate my point.


The press pointed out that the First Lady may have plagiarized the materials used by the Obama administration, but perhaps Melania does not share her husband’s contempt for everything Obama. Perhaps she admires Michelle Obama.

Here are links to some articles that announced, responded to, or poked fun at Melania’s Be Best initiative:


Only time will tell if this campaign offers positive outcomes for America’s  children. Melania was admitted to the hospital for minor surgery shortly after her announcement. Best wishes for her quick recovery.

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