Faith and Freedom Coalition – You Have Mail


Last week I received one of those surveys from a political campaign that is actually a thinly veiled request for a donation. I have received many of these surveys from Democrats, but this is the first one I have received from the right. It is sponsored and paid for by an organization called the Faith and Freedom Coalition which was founded by someone named Ralph Reed to serve as a connector between the Tea Party and the Evangelicals. I’m not sure why I received this particular political solicitation since I lean pretty far to the left. Perhaps I am being trolled.  Perhaps some subtle spying is intended. Perhaps I was just placed on the wrong list.

But the rather long mailer does offer insight into the way this political solicitation literature looks on the right, what special interest groups have to say to those who vote Republican, what kind of propaganda is being spread, in this case, by a coalition with a religious agenda which they hope to further by backing Republicans.

In case you are interested:


ScanDT 1

ScanDT 2

ScanDT 3

Scanredo pg5

Scan 1

Scan 2



Photo Credit: From a Google Image Search – Zimbio

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