What Should the Democrats Do

Dems big The American Conservative

What the Democrats should do is a trending topic right now. It doesn’t sound as if people, even people on the left, trust that Democrats have the right message, or know anything at all about getting candidates elected. I think that this is perhaps because the Democrats don’t cheat as much as the Republicans do right now. But then I suddenly had a flash of inspiration, the kind that comes to you when you are doing something else, like washing dishes. These kinds of eureka moments are persistent and they stay with you, even when you walk into another room. They also seem shockingly perfect, as in “why didn’t I ever think about this before!” In these moments you feel like Einstein when he came up with E=mc2. Or the way whoever figured out particle entanglement feels.

Democrats need to do exactly what Republicans want us to do. We need to do what the NRA wants us to do. We need to honor the Second Amendment. Democrats need to buy guns, lots of guns.

What are the bestsellers right now, according to the internet? Counting down to number one, they are:

5. Encore 209x.50 Magnum, 4. Remington Model 870 Pump Action Shotgun, 3. Bushmaster AR – 15 Semi-automatic Rifle, 2. Smith and Wesson Model 10 Revolver, 1 Colt M1911.

Democrats like to be stylish, so get one of those, or why not get all of them.

Blue Camo -Amazon.com

I think there are “blue” camo clothes which might be quite useful in cities and would be quite symbolic. Also “blue” camo would be more attractive than “red” camo, although I do like those wool buffalo check jackets better in red.

What will we do with our guns? Well first we’ll have to take lessons and learn how to use them. Then we can accessorize, by adding things like cross-body gun cases or holsters. We can research the best gun locks and add those. Then we will need gun safes. The gun industry will be thriving.

Next we need to come up with social activities to participate in with our guns. We can take them to Walmart with us. We can go hunting together and shoot at skeets. We can roast marshmallows after ten mile hikes and dry our socks on our gun barrels (remember to take the clip out, please). Guns would be great company at demonstrations like when those neo-Nazis took their guns to Charlotte.

This new Democratic initiative should make both the Republican Party and the NRA very happy. It will strengthen the image of Democrats and the Democrats will then be ready for anything. (I sure hope you aren’t one of those people who doesn’t understand sarcasm).

Photo Credits: From a Google Image Search, main photo from theamericanconservative.com, camo fromAmazon


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