A Republican Folly

Lindsey Graham CNBC.com

When Dr. Ford’s identity was finally known, Senator Feinstein, ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, was free to put a name to the letter she had received from Dr. Blasey Ford. She had held on to the letter to protect the privacy of Dr. Ford. She handed the letter off to the FBI late in the confirmation process. The anger of the Republicans was colossal. The Republicans ranted and raved. They had their guy on track to be confirmed before midterms as Trump wanted, believing it would help Republicans get elected in those elections. Given that Trump has a Legislative branch with a Republican majority, they know he will not understand why they can’t get this done and get this done in a New York minute. Now here was this woman, and not only was she destroying the Republican time line, but she was impugning the character of their Supreme Court nominee.

Republicans immediately assumed that the Democrats had saved the letter as part of a plan to keep Kavanaugh from getting confirmed at any cost. Obviously the Democrats did try to slow down the confirmation hearings and there were demonstrators at the hearings. The Democrats answer to their constituents and they are aware that Democratic voters do not want more right wing Justices on the Court. Republicans and Democrats know that Democrats have no real power and so they have to use a small handful of techniques available to a minority party. But did they hold Christine Blasey Ford’s letter until the hearing was almost over and then use it because it looked like Kavanaugh would be confirmed? This may be the one thing that Dems did not actually do on purpose.

Diane Feinstein remained calm and level-headed never raising her voice or expressing angry words. She was focused on two tasks, getting an FBI investigation into the situation Blasey Ford had described, or at the very least getting a fair hearing in front of the Senate. She showed great restraint and earned respect for her behavior.

Republicans did not care what Dr. Ford had to say because it was vague enough to be deniable as long as no corroborating testimony came forward. Republicans made sure that no witnesses would be heard and no FBI investigation would be done. They had this jet serviced and ready and sitting on the runway and Kavanaugh will be confirmed now that this “hiccup” has been dealt with.

I think it was great theater to see 11 Republican men, mostly in their dotage, in high dudgeon because Democrats may have used a few pages from the Republican’s favorite bodice ripper. It is not actually a matter of life and death to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. But, although I was glad to meet Dr. Blasey Ford, although I found her believable and likeable, she should never have bothered to testify in this kangaroo court where Republicans had suppressed evidence and intended only to humor her, “yes dear”, “so sorry dear”, “not our guy, dear”, “bye dear”. People believe that Dr. Ford was sexually abused, but not by Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh really mean Washington Examiner

Kavanaugh angry Philly.com

But Brett Kavanaugh certainly showed us his mean side. He lectured the Democrats. He obviously felt (or was convinced to feel) that the Democrats were trying to block him only out of animus to his ideology, which he says will not affect his decisions on the Supreme Court. From all of the evidence we have, the ideologies of Supreme Court justices definitely affect the ways they reason and the decisions they make. To hear a court nominee sound so partisan in a confirmation hearing that he accuses the Democrats on the Judiciary committee of using Dr. Ford to stonewall his confirmation because of his role in the Clinton impeachment or their anger about the outcome of the 2016 election was something new to me. He tipped his hand. He was no longer the affable choir boy. I think the Republicans did him a great disservice to call forth this particular incarnation of Brett Kavanaugh.

Yesterday’s supposedly respectful hearing about a sexual abuse accusation from a distraught victim became, instead, a hearing to indict Democrats. The proceedings seemed hardly to resemble a hearing to honestly explore the charges of Dr. Blasey Ford and the fitness of Brett Kavanaugh for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. It is very probable that we just wasted a day of our lives listening to a coverup and a venting session, with arrows that could not be launched at one woman because of “optics” being used to puncture another in the name of politics. And after all that, I still bet that Kavanaugh will be confirmed post haste to the Supreme Court of the United States of America for life. Will he play nice with the other justices or will that mean boy appear all too often?

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