Trump’s Adolescent Behavior

adolescent trump -vox

Why does our President act like an adolescent? Why do Trump’s middle school nicknames work? Today he is assigning demeaning nicknames to the Democrats. He chuckles as he calls us the Dims (instead of the Dems). It is absolutely the move of a bully, who never enters the fray, except with this childish name-calling. He is only brave enough to poke people in their egos at a distance. Why does it work when he calls Kim Jong un “little Rocket Man”, except that here we have a case of one bully calling out another bully, so I sort of get why that works. Trump’s people love this stuff, this Roman-coliseum, lions-vs-Christians stuff. Perhaps the entire thing is like a sports game to these folks, lovers of tailgating (nothing wrong with tailgating).

Why does making fun of honest people work for this man, this crooked man, this cheater with no empathy or morals. Why was it OK with his peeps for him to make fun of a media guy with a disability? Why was it great fun to suggest that Dr. Blasey Ford did not remember enough about her own near rape. She may have been fifteen, but I bet she knows who was in that room, even if she doesn’t know where it was. Maybe she had a little crush on one of those two boys and that is why she went to a house party that she would usually have avoided. I bet that crush ended real fast. Is something wrong with me that I find this name-calling disgusting? There seem to be other people who feel the same way.

My brother was a teenager who tortured his own younger sisters. He had a group of friends. We all grew up with those boys. But then they started drinking and showing off for each other. My brother became an entertainer. He made up long nicknames which cannot and will not be repeated and reeled them off when the girls got home from school. My mother seemed helpless to stop it. These three sisters had to walk the gauntlet through those boys every day for a while. They were either reduced to tears or learned to pretend to ignore them. I believe it did psychic damage, but of course they grew up and had careers and husbands and children. Even my brother became a loving husband and father. There are scars though, on boys and girls alike.

This is bullying. It is not entertaining. It may bring laughter but at someone else’s expense. Trump is trying every trick in the book to belittle the Democrats. He must be really worried now about the 2018 midterm elections. Otherwise why would he bother to think up more nicknames. (Do our “leaders” sit around the oval office offering suggestions or expressing their approval.) But if he runs out of nastiness and rancor and fear of losing he can always resort to that chant “lock her up” because only men are innocent until proven guilty, not women.

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How did we get a President who is stuck in his adolescence? We deserve better. How does he get away with it all – the sexual abuse, the lies, the criminal financial behavior, the in-you-face desecration of the Constitution? I am still in shock that we have no way to ditch a bad President. If we don’t vote for the “Dims” at midterms then we are the crazy ones. All three branches of Congress should not belong to the same party. Vote to make sure that situation ends.

If we don’t win in November this all gets worse and we have to look at Mitch McConnell’s happy face some more, which is something I would dearly like to avoid.

Photo Credits: From Google Image Searches – Vox, Medium

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