If Democrats Lose: A Trumpian Fantasy

Trumps fantasy world

If Democrats lose the fight to take back the majority in at least one house of Congress then what, a Trumpian Fantasy? Trump would like us to stop resisting, to praise every little thing about him, to smile while he does what he does. He wants the media to reflect his glory, and it might also be mandatory for Americans to attend weekly praise sessions where 45 can bask in adoration and acclaim as we attest to his genius and thank him for MAGA. He has to refill his ego regularly as his I’m-the-best tanks get empty quickly and often. When resisting gets exhausting it is almost tempting to sink back into an unquestioning limbo with a sickly smile plastered across our faces. Perhaps all will be well if we all just bow before the golden one. Small g, small o.

After all we can probably make it without coverage for preexisting conditions for 6 years and we can probably live with watching Putin preen on the world stage for a while longer. We need customers but we don’t need friends. We can probably live without any friends for 6 years. We can deal with being an exploited work force employed at the whims of the marketplace and paid as little as our employers can get away with. We can deal with a stagnant or dying economy as we lose business from abroad and become an economy that sells to and buys from only each other. That should be a really booming economy (not). Isolationism has consequences. Withdrawing from global affairs definitely has consequences. (Didn’t we already try this?) (Yes.)

I’m not so sure how we will deal with training guns on troubled migrants who arrive at our southern (and perhaps our northern) border. That might cause the smiles plastered to our faces to quiver a bit. We probably will not hear much about it anyway because a Trump-centric media will not speak of it. We will only hear rumors passed along in garbled fashion from person to person. Easy to ignore as we try to keep our heads above water in a deepening economic depression. We will only wish that abortion was legal if someone we know has to deal with an unwanted pregnancy or a dangerous pregnancy. But there will be no more demonstrations in front of Planned Parenthood buildings because there will be no Planned Parenthood buildings.

How will we whitewash a colorful America? It could be as simple as forcing brown and black folks onto “reservations” which we would only know about as these Americans disappeared from our communities. Is that smile still in place? Better not let it slip. Our leader needs ever more positive reinforcement. Have babies, have lots of babies. If they are sexually different, not safely male or female Trump will have a plan to whisk them off to another country perhaps. Our lives will be trouble free as long as we give in to whatever the leader wants and keep grinning. Unless someone decides that we are weakened enough that this would be a good time to attack. We could end up at war with almost any nation on the face of the earth. Could it be a nuclear war? Smile, a giant national security apparatus, loyal to the President is watching. Do something patriotic. Sell your beach property and go camp out on public land with a long gun until you are called upon to fight. What if 45 decides that 6 more years in power is not enough?

Donald-Trump-Dystopia-1080x675 Institute for Policy Studies

Will our “peerless” leader be happy with idolatry? He is a restless one. He does not enjoy peace and quiet. He does not crave time to contemplate the universe or even to play with his grandchildren. He is a mover and shaker. Having nothing more to move and shake will not work for him. Adulation will simply offer new scope for his creative talent for inciting chaos. It will be harder to rile everyone up. He will probably have to go ballistic, get a designer to invent a uniform just for him, go out across America in one of those military style vehicles to poke his nose into every corner of the nation to be sure of what is going on now that the media no longer does more than offer endless approval. Trump will not be able to enjoy a Trumpy America one bit because he thrives on opposition and paradox.

Be careful what you wish for because you might get it.

Photo Credits: From Google Image Searches, NYT, Institute for Policy Studies

This is a view from the cheap seats.





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