Humble the Democrats

bring dems down the daily beast

This manufactured crisis is not about a wall at all. It is about humbling the Democrats and bringing them to heel. Trump does not work with dissenters. He only works with what he calls “facilitators”. We have called them “cult” members, and this seems closer to the mark. To Trump being a leader means that everyone does his bidding. The Republican Party has been acting like a pack of zombies in thrall to great white (and orange) kahuna. He appeared in their midst like one of those benighted and shipwrecked souls who happen to land on a deserted island where the inhabitants seem to think he is a god. They were occasionally cannibals, but they don’t eat him, they seat him on a throne and never notice his small hands and his fake hair.

When the neighboring tribe arrives for the yearly celebration and trading session they see through this pasty king but the islanders refuse to accept the judgments of their neighbors. The hosts fall on their guests and, at spear point, demand that they stop saying bad things about their king. Although the neighbors see that this man is just a person, and a rather poor specimen at that, the tribe insists that they either swear allegiance to their new king or die. What do they do?

This is the situation the Democrats are in. Our president had a moment of shock when so many Democrats were elected to the House, but he still has his intact tribe in the Senate. He had a deal for his wall along the southern border before the Democrats took their seats but he refused to sign it. He refused to sign it because he had a plan to use it in an MMA-style wrestling match with the Democrats for control of the government. He believes that if he wins this match the Dems will be in his pocket and will not be able to assert their authority again on any issue at all. I’m not sure why he believes this, but the Democrats would lose a lot of “face” if he were to win, and it might make it almost impossible to have a massive standoff again.

Obviously Trump understands that the Democrats are running as humanitarians against a newly-cold Capitalism that takes the money and runs and a white supremacist president who scorns compassion if it requires him to part with a single penny of taxpayer money that could and should reside in the bank accounts of the rich and powerful. Look at the bait he dangles in front of the Democrats. He says 800,000 Americans will not get paid until you agree to the wall. He says no asylums will be granted until I get my wall. And the coup de grâce – he will use the money earmarked for rebuilding nations and neighborhoods after natural disasters. This is the kind of red meat that motivates the Democrats. And to win they have to ignore the pain of these victims of a leader who is trying to bend the Party to his will. They can’t listen to the impassioned cries, but they have to broadcast them to the nation hoping that we will fight for the rights of the president’s hostages and for the Party.

Only a leader, who does not care about the pain of his people, puts on a stubborn face and insists that he has to do this. And he does have to do it in a way, because he knows that the Democrats brought those “crazy” young radicals into Congress with them and that they intend to find all the ways that he has trashed our Constitution and our laws, and because he does not have a democratic bone in his body. A leader, to Trump, is a great white god; he is a puppet master who holds all the strings. Congress is his. It is there to do as he says, or the people will suffer. The courts are his. How does this man who seems so squishy and weak exert his will so successfully? It is because he will do anything; he has no compunctions, is amoral, so he can use tactics no one else would touch.

What did those people do when their neighbors held spears to their throats. They grabbed the spears, tied up their neighbors in a great big ridiculous-looking bundle and set the ersatz king adrift with a promise to lick his bones if he ever showed his face in their midst again. If the Democrats don’t stand up to this guy and win, America could cease to be our republic and we will lose the dreams of our forefathers to our own great orange king. If we lose we may never be able to get back to being the land of the free and the home of the brave, and we would be losing to a man who learned his leadership skills from the mafia.

Photo Credit: from a Google image search – The Daily Beast

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