If You Give Trump a Phone

If you give Trump a phone

trump with phone

If you give President Trump a phone he will want to tweet.

trump tweeting - yahoo news

And if you let a Trump tweet he will want covfefe

covfefe mug - redbubble

If you give him covfefe he’ll want chocolate cake.

mar a lago choc cake the av club

If you give him yummy chocolate cake he will want China to stop misbehaving economically.

trump and xi cnn.com

If he gets President Xi in the mood to talk he will want to slap some tariffs on Chinese goods because that’s what he wanted to do all along.

tariffs economicpolicyjournal.com

If you give Trump his tariffs he will turn a deaf ear when everyone complains.

us china trade war vox

If you leave his tariffs in place he will want a wall so he can keep people from Central America and South America from immigrating to America.

border-wall-american greatness

If he doesn’t get a wall he’ll want a government shutdown.

government shutdown 2019 delawareonline.com

If he gets his wall he will want to go on Fox News to preen.

trump on fox news supernewsworld

After he preens before the world he will want his PJ’s.

trump in pjs medium

Once he dons his PJ’s he will want his hamberders and soda.

hamberders newsmax.com

While he eats he will want to see himself on Fox News until he is finally ready to stop wanting things……

sean hannity pinterest

At least until he wakes up and wants his phone and some covfefe.

This seems as if it will never end.


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