One Nation United Against Trump – Why Not?

Fox News Michael Cohen hearing

One Nation United Against Trump – Why Not?

You would think when we elect as President (and I use that term loosely because I will never be sure that the 2016 election was a fair election) – a man whose only loyal friends and employees are crooks (8 have been indicted and convicted) – a man who lies to the American people he is supposed to serve over 5,000 times in 2 years – a man who uses intimidation regularly and publicly – a bad, bad President who trashes American institutions (the IRS, the FBI) to hide his own wrong-doing and much more; you would think the Republicans and Democrats would be united in trying to get this shyster out of the oval office. But Republicans deride the Dems and back the bad President for their own reasons.

Watching the House Oversight Committee in Congress question Michael Cohen shows how very adversarial the relationship is between our two major political parties. But I have to keep asking myself, why? The answer goes all the way back, several years back, to events that reached a crescendo in the two terms of Barrack Obama.

Many bemoan the fact that our Constitution and the body of laws that keeps it current seems to have no teeth. But the Constitution is not at fault. The Republican Party members are the real culprits. They are the very ones who decided to exploit loopholes, and sections in the Constitution that our forefathers left deliberately vague, to make it possible to keep the Republican Party in power far into the future.

The Republicans set out to take over our federal government. They did not act alone. They were backed and pressured by many wealthy Republicans and conservative and evangelical organizations. Americans for Tax Reform, and their enforcer Grover Norquist, turned a pledge Republicans signed to never raise taxes into an instrument that extorted compliance through threats to destroy the career of anyone who broke his/her pledge and demonstrated that the threats were real.

Republicans were backed in their attempt to turn our government into a one-party government by the NRA whose leaders created and spread a conspiracy theory which made Americans believe that Democrats wanted to overturn the Second Amendment and take away guns from private citizens, when they knew this was not true.

Republicans were backed by the Koch brothers and a web of conservative organizations who claimed to be 501 C-3’s – nonpolitical groups, but who then found sly ways to be political. These groups then claimed that the IRS was being partisan in only examining the Republican 501-C-3’s and since that was basically true, because Democrats were not abusing nonprofits, the IRS ended its perusal of Republican nonprofits. This began the Republican strategy of declawing the IRS. Trump continues to use partisan labelling to control the IRS and keep his tax returns secret.

This Republican Party had to stick to a list of demands made by their donors/owners* which they called “talking points”. They have to try to pursue limited federal government and stronger state governments; they have to overturn Roe v Wade; they have to dismantle the social safety net (they call them entitlements); they have to sabotage the ACA; they have to do all in their power to suppress Democratic votes; they have to deny climate change; they have to lower taxes; they have to stuff the courts with conservatives. In other words the Republicans are following marching orders from wealthy donors (our Capitalist overlords) to take over and turn the US into a single party puppet government fulfilling capitalist and Christian demands. (I do not say this because I am opposed to capitalism; I am not. I am opposed to unfettered capitalism, so don’t just write this off as the rantings of a socialist.)

Every action of the Republican Party explains why they will never unite with the Democrats to unseat a bad President. Every action explains why every member of this House committee hearing who is a member of the Republican Party uses their five minutes to discredit this witness, Michael Cohen, who is trying to offer proof about the criminality of our current President. Cohen is also trying to help us understand that Trump continues to be a criminal even while he sits in the oval office of the government of the United States of America. If proof was also available to show that Trump is treasonous, that would be a relief.

The Democrats are in a fight for the life of their party, for our democracy and for the Constitution which underlies our government. The Republicans are acting like this hearing is about unseating the President, but that is not the goal of this committee hearing. However, it should be a goal of a nation that is allowing itself to be dragged through the mud and muck by a man who is unsuited to be our leader and whose election was possibly assisted by the Russians.

The Democrats and Republicans should be united on this. The reasons why they aren’t are frightening and possibly apocalyptic. This is not just incivility, although Republicans would like us to think this. This is still an on-going attempted coup designed to turn America into a one-party government with no checks and balances.

*Parts of the Conservative Web:

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

American Academy for Liberal Education

Ethics and Public Policy Center

Capital Research Center

Mercatus Center

Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

Sarah Scaife Foundation

Americas Future Foundation

Allegheny Institute for Policy Research

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

David Horowitz Freedom Center

And at least 50 other foundations and research center.

From a or graphic published in or around 2013. This graphic was later taken down. I captured this and one other pertinent graphic. They appear in my book: The US Republican Constitution: A Nonfiction Constitutional Thriller, by N. L. Brisson, 2016, ISBN 9780692793206 – on Amazon.

Photo Credit: From a Google Image Search – Fox News

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