Venting and Other Mixed Metaphors

volcano erupting NY Post

Every so often I start to feel like a volcano sitting over roiling hot lava that could go off at any moment and vent smoke and ash everywhere until the pressure inside calms. When Trump’s defiance of traditional America norms reaches a peak ‘you can’t touch this’ moment it is difficult to keep my internal pressure gauge from entering the danger zone. But I am not self-destructive. So, instead I sum it up by saying that it is getting to the point where I don’t know what to say anymore, except to beg the universe to please make it stop. Donald Trump, playboy, real estate developer, TV reality show CEO, has turned into an old man I do not recognize as a fellow America. And yet he is our president, the face our nation shows the world.

Of course the difficulty must lie with me and my mind that can not wrap itself around the things this man does. He grew up in the same country as I did, at almost the exact same time that I did but he does not share one idea about how America should work in common with me. How can that be?

I cannot psychologically grasp how his path could take him to where he is now and yet intellectually I do get it. Lots of powerful people surround themselves with sycophants. They get their egos stroked, they have no opposition to their projects, and no one corrects them even if they begin to go off the rails in terms of strict legality.

Compared to Trump I had nothing all my life. He had plenty and he could go back to his father for more anytime. Yet he is so stingy, so small-minded, so locked in his rich white male privilege that he can say things like “America is full”, “we can’t take any more people”. How did a life full of adventures and possibilities make him so limited in his viewpoints?

When he sees people leaving their homes because they are being threatened by thugs and their economy is in freefall due to factors beyond the people’s control, factors like global market changes and climate changes affecting crops, he doesn’t see people in crisis, he sees animals, criminals, undesirables.

Apparently the people who have the most trouble being compassionate are those who have been the most fortunate. They horde their money and grumble that “these people will not get a dime of it”. Of course they don’t only begrudge people from other nations, they do not plan to share a dime with other Americans either. They argue that if you are unsuccessful it is your fault. Perhaps the decisions he makes are made so cynically, out of greed only, that he imagines everyone has similar motives.

He now refuses to signal his underlings that they need to release the Mueller report. I never really thought he would want to see it released. He was unashamedly open about firing an AG and replacing that AG with one who thinks Presidents have absolute powers.

We the people let this happen because we have left the active resistance movement to a handful of passionate people. But it seems all bets are off right now anyway. Petitions, letters, demonstrations, a media message that counters right wing propaganda – none of it seems to make any difference whatsoever. This could be why we are in election mode so early.

While it is true that this special investigator, Mueller, was appointed and tasked by the Justice Department, there were no qualms about using taxpayer dollars to finance the investigation. Our dollars should buy us access to the findings of this investigation. On my Facebook page when my readers respond to my articles they say, “it’s over, give it up”. But I say “not a chance” even though I doubt we will ever see an unredacted copy of this report we paid for.

It is a fairly long tradition to have access to a president’s tax returns. Democrats have the con in the House of Representatives and so they get to ask to see Trump’s tax returns. This should not involve demonizing the Dems and insulting them and making them sound like they are traitors.

Yes political parties have always done some trash-talking but this goes way deeper than that. Demonizing is the correct term and this tactic is only this effective when you have a media outlet that hammers home every pronouncement a president makes all day, every day to an already brainwashed audience of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, aunts and uncles.

People who never before cared two cents about what happens in Israel are now telling me that the Democrats are anti-Semitic. And yet I believe it is still true that most Jewish Americans are Democrats. They got this ridiculous lie straight from Trump. They will fight for him on any ground like a mother fights for her children. They do not see through him. How can they not see through him?

This has gone on for two long years. The details of the chaos change but it all has one thing in common. Either Trump wins or the Constitution and our traditions win; both cannot win with this guy. Dems believe that if at least one party sticks to regular order Trump and the Republicans cannot permanently change the way America is governed. They believe that even though everyone is sounding fairly extreme, somehow the center will hold and perhaps move a bit to the left. Meanwhile the courts are being stuffed with very conservative judges.

Trump is a destroyer. He is a rogue driver of a monster truck. He doesn’t mind physical violence but what he likes best is mental abuse, using the simplest language to inflict the greatest damage. He’s very good at it. He obliterates reason, creates a black hole, and fills it with white supremacy and male toxicity. He embraces those who parrot him and vilifies those who oppose him. Honesty and sincerity are for chumps. He does not admire chumps.

We are damned if we frog march him out of the White House without using Constitutional governance and procedures. We are damned if we leave him in place trouncing our documents and showing us over and over that they have no teeth; that we have handed over too much power to our presidents.

I would love to see the IRS hand over Trump’s taxes. I would celebrate if at least our elected representatives in Congress get to see the unredacted Mueller report. I don’t even know what to wish for at the Southern border but I know it isn’t a wall and it isn’t a big fat zero as the number of asylum seekers allowed to live and work in America. My pressure gauge is likely to continue to get a real workout, but the 2020 election could blow it out altogether. Expect really poisonous rhetoric from Trump and the Republicans and an attempt to hold a democratic election from the Dems.

Photo Credit: From a Google Image Search – New York Post



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