Our Tone Deaf President and the Tornadoes

From a Google Image Search, near Dayton, Ohio, ABC News

Climate Change Rollbacks Announced During Violent Tornado Season

President Trump has announced that he will roll back the remaining Obama climate change protections even as Americans face despair as their shelter, their life’s investment, turns into a pile of sticks in what may be the worst storm season ever for the middle of America. This President once again proves that he is tone deaf to the needs of American citizens and denying signals the earth is sending us about what the future will be like if we don’t at least try to lower CO2levels. The President hates rules even those dictated by the universe. He knows better. His business degree gave him deep knowledge about science. Not. He loves most dictators. You would think he would admire a universe that is so powerful. But he likes money more.

A series of tornadoes has been devastating the midsection of America. Twelve straight days of tornadoes in and near Kansas City, MO has to have left residents in a state of constant dread that they will be in the bullseye next.

An Accuweather article sums us these intense weather systems, which seem more serious than even a normally busy tornado season. Every day the pictures in the news show what were once houses that sheltered real people or malls where people shopped reduced to wooden sticks and roof sections. In many cases rubble is all the storm leaves behind. 


From a Google Image Search – Dayton, Ohio shopping center, WSJ
From a Google Image Search – WSJ

From a Google Image Search, Dayton, Ohio, CBS 42
From a Google Image Search – Kansas – orig.jacksonsun.com
From a Google Image Search – Oklahoma – Accuweather
From a Google Image Search – Oklahoma – CT Post

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