I Have a Plan for That

From a Google Image Search – NYT

I Have A Plan for That

Why does the Republican base stay so stable? This seems to be the same as the old Tea Party base but reenergized by Trump, Fox News, and the Trump rallies. I once saw a journalist, one of the younger ones, sent out to interview people attending a Trump rally. I don’t remember where the rally was held or even exactly when it was held. The guy being interviewed was probably in his early forties. He said that his life had felt empty, it had no direction, no purpose, but now he felt that he belonged to something (and he looked happy/high). That spirit seems like it might be a difficult thing for the Democratic Party to replicate, since we have no fake news, no network like Fox, and no rallies where our members or our leaders say truly outrageous things about their opponents and get everyone fired up with their snarky chants and their sophomoric insults.

That feeling of belonging is very powerful. I have felt it a few times in my life. It happens with certain groups of people where you just all seem to click, you feel like you have all created a new family from people who are actually unrelated to you. Sometimes this lasts for years, sometimes not so much, but while it lasts the whole universe seems to make sense and life seems to have a center. Of course your actual family can click in this same way. But Trump’s people, with their happy sense of connection, possibly had not experienced that feeling of belonging in some time. It almost endows a certain power which may explain the superiority that many Trumpers seem to express when speaking to those of us on the outside, as if they alone know the truth and the rest of us are so misinformed.

Well I have been noticing those Peloton commercials with the music and the “soul” cycling and I think the answer lies there. Those cyclers have that same goofy glow on their faces after a successful ride as those Trump followers do after a rally. The Democrats could simply gift each and every Trump follower with a Peloton and a membership in the soul cycle group and then they would have a new “family” to pledge their loyalty to. Added perk – they would be getting so healthy!

Photo Credit: Canadian Living

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