The Stonewall King of All Time

From a Google Image Search – The Daily Beast, “The Madness of King Trump”

Trump may be having trouble getting his pricey steel wall-that-is-not-a-wall along our Southern border, but he has managed to build a living wall around himself right there in Washington, a wall that can travel with him and for him. Seems a living wall is far more useful and impenetrable than a physical wall. 

The Republicans already had extreme chops as wall builders, building human stonewalls. After all they had the NRA, with Wayne LaPierre at the helm, that madman who inspires fear in gun owners, fear that any regulation amounts to nullification of the Second Amendment rights of American gun owners, as interpreted by right wing nut burgers. Republicans also have that master of stonewalling, Mitch McConnell in the Senate who figured out how to stonewall even when he only led the Minority.

But when the Republicans got Trumped they ended up with the Stonewall King of All Time. He treats our government as his own personal fiefdom and he keeps hiring and firing until he has the perfect Order of Portly Knights and less portly vassals who swear fealty only to him. These people, most often male, not only resemble stone walls but know how to shut down any opposition with an ominous glare, an emphatic no, or a stubborn opacity. William Barr, with the misleading title of Attorney General, is a member of the Order of Portly Knights; so is Mike Pompeo. Mitch McConnel is a loyal vassal, as are all the Republicans in Washington. Did you see Martha McSally snarl as she dismissed one intrepid journalist as a “liberal hack.” It wasn’t pretty,  Martha, I guess being pretty is not your superpower is it? You are a handmaiden to the powerful patriots loyal to KingTrump. 

It is clear when you approach these experts at stonewalling that they will shut you down with a glance or a growl. This is so far from what we expect or have usually encountered in our democracy/republic that we are rendered speechless. These walls are living walls. You can’t climb over them, you can’t tunnel under them. You have to out-strategize them but liberals are not set up to design an effective attack on the fortress that Trump is building. Not only does he have his legitimate government-approved Knights but he owns a posse of less palatable actors that he can use for illegal activities: people like Rudy Giuliani and even the talkative Lev Parnas (no longer recognized as one of the posse), Michael Cohen who believed, to his chagrin, that loyalty went both ways, Paul Manafort and many others – this posse can expand in size when needed. All it takes to win over a member of the posse is to make them think they are included in the inner circle, that they are courtiers with access to the king.

Trump has learned how to bend the courts of the land to his will and he can do whatever he likes as long as he takes it to one court and then another court, locks up judgement in endless appeals and skates back behind his human wall of thuggish knights. Now he is on trial in the Senate, but it is highly likely that he will skate once again because the doors of the courtroom have already closed out anyone who is not a loyal member of the fiefdom, including all those pesky serfs in the neighboring kingdom, those democrats, who are deluded enough to believe that they still have powers they no longer have. Is this what the American Dream has come to? It is the most frustrating thing to have a government run by an entitled bunch of bouncers who think they are knights.

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