My Despair: Who’s Using Who?

Trump’s party, his cohort, those who are supposed to ‘have his back’, have actually done Trump a great disservice. Republicans, you know this man. You know you have now unleashed him so he can continue to be used by you so you can hold on to your tenuous grasp on power. I can hear you laughing because you feel very secure in your power right now, but you have chosen a dark road and in the end people choose the light. Trump thinks he is using you, but he is also being used. He knows this – why do you think he uses threats rather than genuine camaraderie to relate to you, the Congressional Republicans.

You have all scored body blows against your opponents, humiliated us, shocked us, took pleasure in your twisted “wins”, and then turned around to do it all over again. Did you really refuse to impeach Trump in order to back Trump, or did you do this because you have begun to thrive on destruction? You gain a sick pleasure at the pain of those who do not agree with you. You have learned the trick of “dehumanization,” used whenever one group of people wants to discount another group of people. But animating a puppet president because he has a mental disorder that allows him to get your dirty work done, because his egomania, his narcissism drives him, is wicked, it’s wrong, it’s gross.

The actions of Congressional Republicans are shameful. You could have ended this macabre dance and you didn’t. We watched you sitting in those ballroom seats like pod people in empty suits (and dresses) clapping and laughing as your master/puppet spewed hate and vengeance. You may even win the next election but you will win nothing worth having. You will be governing an entity that no one can recognize as the United States of America. History won’t just condemn the record of Donald J. Trump. You will always be right there with him. You could have freed Trump, sent him off the Mar-a-Lago to live out his days enjoying chocolate cake and golf, and maybe even his family; or to put his brand on Trump Moscow. You could have saved the Republic at the same time, but you refused.

Obviously, the Republican Party no longer cares for our republican form of government and will use this unloved and unlovable media monster of a man to help turn our government into something else – an oligarchy, a corporate state, a dictatorship, a monarchy, a theocracy. And not one of these forms of government will be benign, having been birthed in calculation, greed, selfishness, and false pride. And although you think you control this man, he also thinks he controls you, and he may, one day soon, find you unnecessary. What use does he have for a Congress? The body will be there as stage dressing. You have given this destroyer absolute power. Nothing good can come from that. You just gave up any control you might have had. The depths to which you are willing to sink determine that what you will create will inspire no one, will lack any pretension to idealism. Good may arise out of evil but not because it was the original intent, only as a response to something repulsive. It is still shocking to think that you have taken our nation to this place. Readers of this may find it too extreme, but I believe that what happens now will bear me out. I hope I am wrong.

Photo Credit: From a Google Image Search – Washington Post

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