Robot Love

Tech in Asia

We really could have used an army of talented robots in these days of the novel coronavirus. Some medical procedures could have been performed by units that could be sanitized regularly. Lots of routine cleaning tasks performed by these welcome little helpers would have helped make for shorter shifts and less exposure for human health care workers.


Big Bang

Sheldon Cooper had a virtual presence device on The Big Bang Theory. If we all had one in real life this would be a very helpful thing for all of us, especially if it could drive a car. It could do all our shopping. Imagine the luxury of looking for your toilet paper in as many different locations as necessary without any danger of exposure to the tiny bugs of the day. 

A Starship Delivery robot rolls along at Ole Miss, in Oxford, Miss. on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. (Bruce Newman, Oxford Eagle)

In addition, your virtual presence device could have a handy-dandy robot assistant of its own to carry packages, open doors and such. The car might actually drive itself and then these two high tech family members could interface with a robot salesforce in a shop and your two new friends could bring home the bacon. Perhaps several families could share a robot pair, although sharing is not one of our strong points.

We could dine at a restaurant via our virtual presence device, visit with our friends at table and then dine on the takeout our electronic buddies bring home to us. We could be social without getting all germy. We could send our virtual presence devices off to conferences and meet and greets. Selling and buying houses would be biologically safe. And we wouldn’t be bored, because we would be there too, right along with our beloved machines. We might get to like it as much as cats like riding Roombas.

Vac Expert

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