The Profound Experience of this Deadly Virus

Yesterday I may have gone for the ridiculous with my dreams of a future full of robots, inspired by a world that is too crowded, that seems too full of people in a time of a possibly deadly contagion.

But last night and today have brought me the more profound expression of the isolation, fear, grief, loss, heroism, and the intimations of mortality we are living with. The videos of empty cities are poignant enough, offering thoughts of the apocalypse we have often imagined where the world and all the works of man continue to exist after humans have faced extinction. But then someone thought to put Andrea Bocelli in front of the Duomo in Milan signing Amazing Grace and it allows us to mourn and hope at one and the same time. In case you didn’t see it or would like to see it again here is the link


Then, just to prolong the realization of the terrible significance of what we are going through in this time of COVID19, this appeared on my Facebook page this morning and brought it all home to me once again. Mourning is just as valid as hope right now and giving way to one helps you express the other, on and on. So here is another link that might touch your heart and get in touch with deeper veins of human emotion.

This experience is beyond anything I ever imagined and it offers us lessons about preparing for the future if we will heed them or can decode them. Stay safe.

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