How Do Dems Compete With the Drama

From a Google Image Search – Getty Images – NPR

After all this drama, after these days when it is almost impossible to ignore our federal government and let it get on with the task of governing, will regular order prove too tame for many Americans? About one-third of the nation experiences thrills each and every day as their dumpy “savior” ‘sticks it to the libs’ and urges his troops to orgies of laissez faire rule over the states – except when he doesn’t and threatens to cut off a recalcitrant state’s funding. The economy trumps everything, pandemics be damned, floods-earthquakes-tornadoes-hurricanes be damned, just go to work, cough it up for business and keep that stock market climbing. Don’t be wimps like your President who is protected by layers and layers of security. Take your lumps and do your job for American prosperity. Make American First even if it kills you. Won’t you be so proud (as you look back on the living from the afterlife – which will be glorious, we are assured by the faithful)?

The remaining two-thirds of us look on in horror each day as instead of expanding social security the administration continues to assault it. Instead of health care there is a case before the Supreme Court to be decided in July which could end the ACA (Obamacare) forever. Instead of supplying PPE’s our leaders hemmed and hawed and tried to figure out how to make a profit. Rather than prop consumers up so that they would not have to fight a virus and poverty at the same time, this government stuck to its view that money given to those on the bottom of the economy is wasted. ‘What those people need is to learn how to conquer adversity and win, like we did’ (is there a punctuation mark for incredulity). We the people, the wicked libs and our new allies among Progressives, Independents, moderate Conservatives, and even some Libertarians, watch our President dismantle all our agencies, place his toadies in charge of everything, and appoint his big donors to act as Inspectors General to oversee, I mean, rubber stamp, any old crooked thing he gets up to. And he does not hide the crooked things he does, at least not all of them. He likes to telegraph misdeeds and call that transparency. We are not even to be allowed to keep the United States Post Office? Why not, because someone has figured out a way to rip it off and stop paying good salaries to middle class Americans, and end those “plush” pensions.? Nor are we allowed to vote-by-mail. What happened to that good old laissez faire federal governance? 

One thing government has not been is calm, or orderly, or businesslike. We get multiple thrills a day which either actually thrill you or chill you depending on your politics. So if we get Joe Biden and sanity and reason and good government will we be bored? Can we get Democrats elected without some fireworks and razzle-dazzle? We could definitely use a bit of help on the entertainment front. I love that we are earnest and thoughtful and that we are practically focused on solving problems, but it could seem a bit ho-hum given the steady diet of crass theater and bad ideas, cover-ups and the fomenting of revolts against states. The Supreme Court decided that it still is not time to let Congress (meaning Democrats) see the unredacted Mueller Report that we all paid for. How does sanity compete with this? Those who are campaigning might want to put some creative energy into generating culturally popular ways to entertain the masses if you want to get elected. There is a lot of great talent on the side of the Democrats. You know what happens if we don’t win in 2020. Democracy/our republic dies a slow and painful death. This is the last tool we have in our toolbox except for time, possibly decades of time.

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