” The Only Good Democrat is a Dead Democrat”

From a Google Image Search – Restavek Freedom blog

“The Only Good Democrat is a Dead Democrat”.

Trump praised this statement (he did not say it himself) on Twitter. The statement was made in a video by a commissioner in New Mexico and a Trump supporter. The guy from New Mexico said he did not mean the statement literally, but it is entirely possible, given Trump’s constant moves to suppress the Democratic vote, the way he praises his gun-toting followers/defenders, his resolve to end coronavirus protocols as soon as he learned that it was attacking (and killing) mainly minorities and seniors (although he is a senior) is perceived by Himself, (does he actually perceive or does his gut just burble satisfaction when he listens to its urgings) to be perfectly justified because the Democrats are at the top of his enemies list. Democrats are not seen as people, just targets for vengeance and if you happen to be a Democrat how can you not be frightened by this, and forewarned?

We the people who are still rational and believe in a common morality are trying to avoid an explosive confrontation with Trump until after we see what happens in the 2020 election, and I guess we owe it to our founders to make the most of this last tool in the Constitutional toolbox. But if cops keep killing black folks we may lose it. That may even be what these acts are: provocations to get us to respond physically against these wrongful acts. 

We want to see the police as protectors and defenders against antisocial acts, but watching three cops with knees on a supine man in handcuffs who is not resisting arrest hardly projects an image that is respectful of citizens. Even if there is history between the arresting officer and George Floyd, that was not the basis that was given for this arrest. Supposedly Mr. Floyd passed a counterfeit $20 bill. If I had a counterfeit $20 bill would I even know it was counterfeit? Would I lose my life? Maybe, I am a Democrat, but probably not because I do not have pigmented skin. 

We the people do not want this awful pattern to play out over and over again. It is racist: it is wrong: and it is tragic. It is a tragedy we do not need in a world that is already quite tragic enough. It is also unnecessary because if a stimulus bill focused on those at the bottom of the economy passed it might have kept poverty at bay. So this explosion is not just the province of the city of Minneapolis or the police; it is also on Mitch McConnell’s plate, the President’s plate and the Republicans in the Senate own it too. They all own this because they refuse to see that when people are robbed of economic hope they may have to resort to desperate measures, which may be the true cause of all the current tensions in American society. This, along with anger at centuries of discrimination, may help explain the looting. America has had black Americans under a knee, or many knees since they were brought here in slavery. The knee pressure may lighten at times, but in times like this, when a virus is depressing our economy that pressure is getting stronger each day as the unemployment rate rises and the food stamps are cut.

The federal government must help the people at the bottom, the people whose upward trajectory literally ended up on life support. If you don’t and you start killing those who are left without adequate food or support systems you will start something you may not be able to end. The President also tweeted, “once there is looting, there will be shooting, quoting a Floridian from 1967.” The President may declare that he did not say that he would favor violence, but he has telegraphed violence often enough that denial seems strictly pro forma. 

If we continue down this road we are on, the racism, the vigilantes with long guns, we the people will have to arm ourselves and get ready for the second civil war in America history. A majority of Americans cannot continue to rationalize inaction and allow our nation to be turned into something unspeakable. There are Democrats who own guns, of course, but the left does not have armed militias. In a war who would our soldiers back, who would our policemen back? It could be a massacre and we know it. Do we go with Malcolm X or do we stay with Martin Luther King? There are 200 new right-wing judges on federal courts for life. The things we object to may become the law of the land. Are the sheeple just the people who love Trump and worship him, or are the sheeple any of us who put up with his twisted governance. I have never been in a war; I do not want to be in a war, but, like the abolitionists all over America and the world who fought with words and then with guns in the first civil war which ended slavery, but did not end racism; if police continue to pick off black folks one death at a time we will have to prepare a response that is powerful enough to show that we do not now and never will tolerate racism in America any longer. 

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