Goodbye to the Armchair Observer

I am sorry to say that if you go to visit me at The Armchair Observer you will find a message that the site is no longer secure. It was time to renew my hosting arrangement but I have decided that my blogging activities are too expensive and I did not renew with my host. Most of my posts since 2016 are available on this site and on my ‘books’ site, both of these sites are hosted by Word Press. All of the posts about politics that I valued and wanted to keep are available in books on Amazon.

I never had hundreds of readers but I do want to thank those who did take the time to read my posts. I write about books because reading has been important to me all of my life. I write about politics because I saw that Republicans had plans for America that I did not agree with and which did not honor the US Constitution. They said that they were interpreting our documents as they were intended to be read, but given the racism, elitism, and the cheating around voting and elections I could not accept their explanations. I had to say something and keep saying something, calling attention to the GOP’s undemocratic behaviors. That is what I have been doing on The Armchair Observer for the past ten years. Now many others have taken up the task of saving our republic and I have published my posts in a more permanent form. I am going to try my hand at writing some fiction. Once again thank you so much to my readers and I may occasionally add a new post to this blog until the bill comes due or the 2020 election is over, whichever comes first.

Here is a link to my author page on Amazon:

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