Barr Protects Trumps Latest Election Ploy

William Barr at his hearing:

“I’m a respected judge and I have been here for several administrations. You should be thanking me for my service. Just listen to how judicious I sound. I don’t raise my voice but I lie through whatever kind of teeth I still have in my mouth. Who me, are you accusing me of breaking laws, of undemocratic acts? I am so innocent. Just listen to how incredulous I sound. How could anyone say such awful things about me. (These liberals have me tied to the railroad tracks. There is a train coming. Who will rescue me?)

And then along came Gym Jordan and Mr. Collins to the rescue. They tried conspiracy theories – back to Obama and Hillary in cahoots with the Russians. They tried ranting and raving. Words never untie any helpless victims from the railroad tracks though.

So, they showed a five-minute video of dastardly citizens committing acts of violence against buildings, defending themselves against rubber bullets and police batons and tear gas. The movie shows the graffiti. (It’s the tear gas everywhere that really makes the scene look violent, but the demonstrators, even the rioters, don’t have tear gas.)

Then in that same calm, judicious voice Barr says we cannot allow citizens to go after the police and the use of federal troops is justified.

But we know that his position is actually indefensible. We know he has come to back the Trump.

But the truth is that this whole issue of bad policing and racism in America does not have to be handled by deploying Trump’s Troops. This is an issue for Congress to look into. This is an issue Congress would normally investigate and offer solutions for. We could deescalate violence by treating this very real matter with the seriousness it deserves. 

Without a new leader who has the gravitas of an MLK, and with the one who remembers and speaks out and holds America’s feet to the fire, John Lewis, lying in state in the Capitol, there is no one powerful enough to speak against the madman in the Oval Office who only wishes to get reelected. There is no bicameral legislature to look at America’s problems and tackle them. There is the House which tries and the Senate which has turned itself into a black hole where law and order and tradition go to die.

As if that were not enough, America is in the midst of a raging coronavirus pandemic or perhaps we would have some funds available to help find good solutions, which would involve spending government money wisely. (an oxymoron perhaps). There are financial ways to attack massive unemployment and a need for medical attention; both needs that could be fueling demonstrations at an unconscious level. Minority communities deserve the same relief as white communities; in fact, since they are harder hit, they deserve more relief.

What if this is all part of Trump’s reelection campaign? Offer no redress. Outfit policemen in riot gear. Hype up the bad actors and down play the citizens with a real cause. Scare the white suburban voters that you were losing into coming back under the protective wing of the government. Look at all the troops I can conjure out of thin air (albeit sinister troops with no insignia and unmarked cars, with weapons of war as if this is a citizen’s revolution). These are demonstrations; this is not a revolution. 

Escalate, escalate, whip up the violence. Talk nonstop about the gang shootings that seem to be sliding in at the fringes of this movement. Make graffiti look like an antifa (antifascist) organization is tagging all federal buildings (it’s not).

I, Trump, seated on an eagle, wrapped in an American flag, will come to the rescue of all you scared white suburbanites. I am your superhero. I’m not a fascist. I’m your savior. I didn’t use a capital “s “(yet).

If the coronavirus won’t get you then the violent protesters will. Only I (and my zombie army) can save you.

Could this ploy win an election? It worked once under much less chaotic circumstances. How do you fight someone with unlimited powers (back to William Barr) and unlimited resources? 

You keep protesting. You keep exposing the cynicism of these political acts. You keep showing how deeply depraved these people are.

These BLM demonstrations; this very real cry for justice from our own neighbors, did not have to arrive at this violent moment. Just keep remembering that there are nonviolent, cultural adjustments we could make to help wipe out racism forever. This is divide and conquer and it will work unless we stay aware, cut through the rhetoric and the law and order double speak, and keep speaking the truth. This Trump is not rescuing you. He is playing you so he can keep robbing from you. He’s a con artist at the peak of his game and he could not handle one single issue that America faces with any authenticity or empathy or cultural skill. Look how he handled the pandemic. 

The William Barr show is on TV today if you can stomach it. The Democrats can’t get a word in edgewise. But we know who you are behind that wizard curtain, Bill Barr. You are a fake and a fraud and you are no patriot.

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