Scorched Earth

From a Google Image Search – Visigoths Sack Rome – History Today

What does a vengeful man who happens to be the President of the United States do when he thinks he will lose the next election? He pillages and maims. He scorches the earth underneath him. Even if he manages to win his actions will match the agenda of the twisted political party he heads. Only a willingness to leave a path of destruction in his wake explains the way Trump has exercised power in 2020. He has nothing to say about almost 200.000 dead Americans. After all they were Undesirables. They are not his people. They are seniors so old they have to be cared for in nursing homes. They are African Americans. They are Latinos. Not Trump’s people at all. Of course they are his people because they are all Americans and he is the President of America, but they are expendable in Trump’s estimations. Nothing to see here. Go back to work. Make the economy look good so I can get reelected.

He offers additional aid to Americans still affected negatively by this pandemic but his offerings are fake or they are tainted. He offers a $400 booster on top of weekly unemployment support but the states must kick in $100 of that money. He knows the states are broke. He made them handle the virus by themselves for the most part. He won’t give aid to states to help with health care workers, first responders, schools, because some of that aid would go to Blue states which are not his people, even though this will hurt the very economy he would like to boost. He burns the crops in the fields so the villages can’t eat (symbolically of course).  

He offers to defer payroll taxes, although he is the only one who thought this would be helpful. It helps the same wealthy people Trump always helps. Cutting payroll taxes, even temporarily hurts the Social Security fund and Medicare funding. These cuts allow Trump to give with one hand and take away with the other. What will life be like in America without Social Security and Medicare? Well, I think getting old could be like ending up in a private prison. The corporations will take care of you. If you believe that then you believe those big checks Trump signed were not payoffs. The Republicans have long wished to be rid of these two vital programs. They say these services will be picked up by private providers. Say hello to extended families because most of us will not be able to afford these privately provided services.

As if it is not enough to allow a virus to rage practically unchecked by our oblivious President, to insist that we all go back to work, to mandate that schools reopen, this man, who is supposed to be the President of the United States begins to dismantle the United States Postal Service. He doesn’t want mail-in-voting and he can do something about it. He is in charge. He doesn’t mind attacking something that Americans see as a symbol of our nation, equal to the flag and the bald eagle. It must be destroyed. Take away those mail sorters. Remove those corner mail boxes. Slow the mail down until the Postal Service will not be able to deliver anything on time, including mail-in votes, prescriptions, legal documents, bills, even the catalogues which have been keeping American businesses alive during the pandemic. Scorched earth, tear it all down, government so small you can drown it in a bathtub. Where did we hear that before? That Libertarian fascist, Grover Norquist, the enforcer of the Republican pledge to never raise taxes. Take away everything the people love and what will be left. What will be left is working, eating (maybe), sleeping (fitfully), and dying (expensively).

Trump also proves that he truly wants to scorch the earth. It’s easy to do if you just say you don’t believe climate change is real. In the same week when he lied about aid to we the people during a pandemic and sold out the post office to his biggest fundraiser, he has decided to roll back the rules on methane emissions. That is something no other President ever would do 80 days out from an election. It could be a statement. Whether you elect me or not I plan to take America down with me. This person has loosed an ancient evil upon our land, the evil of the conqueror who sees the people he conquers as barbarians. Shed tears for our sorrows. Then vote the Visigoths out of office.

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