Mourning RBG

From a Google Image Search – Scotusblog

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died tonight. She has been the most amazing example for us all on how to work through all life’s obstacles. We have watched her fights with cancer, her surgeries, her refusal to quit. We should at least take a few moments to mourn the passing of this great Supreme Court Justice and humanitarian. After we mourn then we can howl at the fate that took her 46 days from the 2020 election. She tried so hard to make that marker. Rest in peace, RBG. You have the kind of legacy that many will envy. 

Mitch McConnell, of course, did not waste a single second on grief. He made it very clear that he intended to appoint someone to the Court before the election. Forty-five days will be a record for picking a new Justice and getting the nominee confirmed. There are no niceties in today’s GOP. They have a goal to steal the US government and they are laser focused on that goal. I guess the grim reaper does not want any mourning, any ceremony. I bet he crowed when he heard the sad news. 

Women and children should shed salty tears because they have the most to lose. The ACA will go down. There will be no public health care plan. There will be no protection for preexisting conditions. Many people will go back to being uninsured. This will be a terrible backward move for America. Roe v Wade is very likely to be overturned. Trump seems to have the devil’s own luck and he will be thrilled. We are in such big trouble

Will we allow Mitch McConnell to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with no muss and no fuss? That would be a betrayal of RBG’s brave fight. At this late hour people are gathering in front of the Supreme Court to mourn. Oh how you will be missed Justice Ginsburg. 

Is this a sign? Let’s not go there. Soon we will have Biden and Harris.

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