We Wait

Stop the Count – from a Google Image Search – NYT

We wait. America holds its collective breath while ballots are counted – with a few exceptions. The President, as usual, cannot sit still. He doesn’t believe in breaks unless he is golfing. He is trying to stop states from counting mail-in votes. This typically sinister move could be backed up by courts stuffed full of right-wing judges. In this one way I am like Trump. I could not pass the marshmallow test either most likely. But this time I can wait.


And I notice Trump’s troops have a new assignment. Instead of insisting that states open up, they now are insisting that states stop counting votes, as per Trump’s order. They are insinuating themselves into the premises where votes are being counted and intimidating workers. This cannot be considered a legal protest. How much more serious will this situation get? Regardless of who wins, America is not done with our reactionary/progressive split. 

From a Google Image Search – The Guardian

Another demonstration insists that we count every vote. Which group seems to be on the side of our constitutional government? Hint: your choice should not be a matter of ideology.

Mitch McConnell lives to serve another 6 years in the Senate. Why? That Mitch McConnell is like a cat, a mean hissy cat with nine lives. I can only hope that he ends up as the leader of the minority. We may have to work around the government if it is still deadlocked. We may have to each pick an organization with a goal that we think is important and put all our energies there this year.

Lindsay Graham does not deserve his seat either but his backers must be very powerful indeed. And wealthy. America is still for sale to the highest bidder. Considering the subtle trolling I have been getting on Linkedin.com, of all places, after reading Blowout by Rachel Maddow, an exposé of the oil and gas business, fossil fuel barons are very, very worried. They have been throwing engineers and oil men at me, pretending to flirt. When one leaves another asks to join my network. What they would do if I agreed, I do not know. But it may just be a sign of why these ancient and horrible men keep getting elected.

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