Joe Biden and the Swamp

From a Google Image Search – Middle East Eye

President-elect Joe Biden just announced his picks for his advisors and people are already complaining. They are not happy that he chose known pols, people who were in the Obama government. Americans are moaning about the swamp being recreated. Honey, (sorry, now that I have white hair everyone calls me honey, just returning the favor) we have been to the swamp and these people weren’t there. Anyway, when the Democrats decided to stay at the moderate end of the spectrum clearly we were going to see folks who knew what our government used to look like and could help resurrect it. 

Biden already has a far less friendly Congress than we could have wished for. He cannot really afford to pull people out of either the Senate or the House unless he is sure they are in a safe district. It is also possible that once things are right side up again these people will be able to move left, or Biden can adopt a fluid style that will allow him to plug in the right people as needed. He knows that he must govern as far to the left of moderate as he can because of the pressing concerns about climate change and education, the pandemic and the economy. He also knows that you don’t lock up the bank just when money needs to flow. 

Suddenly everyone is worried about China, and Russia, and Iran and even Israel because of Trump’s interesting and passive-aggressive transactions occurring at this very moment. Isn’t it better to trust a career foreign relations guy than Trump’s ‘burgerific’ gut. Can’t we at least wait until we see if the inauguration goes off without a hitch? Can’t we take a moment and breathe, outdoors in an isolated space, at how far we have come already. We are faced with an existential need to spend money and our own soulful desire to tamp down consumerism, along with empty pockets. Can we give the economy the lift it needs in this quarter? It looks like the economy is in our hands right now, those hands that have been washed raw. Will an artificial act like turning the page on a calendar change our reality? 

This may be our chance to see if the Democrats are just the Republicans Lite, as so many say they are, or if they can pave a path to a future that looks nothing like the last four years. The obstructionism may be still make it too difficult to accomplish very much at all. This is why Georgia is the center of the political universe right now. So, I am willing to shut up about Biden’s cabinet/advisor picks until after those first 100 days at least. In terms of the economy I’m afraid I will not be of much use in rescuing it. I like Capitalism that isn’t rapacious, that doesn’t insist on keeping toxic politicians in office so that money can continue to roll in from fossil fuels to line the pockets of the wealthy. Kamala is certainly a comforting presence. Our new government has so much work to do.

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