Republicans Did Their Homework

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I’m angry at the Republicans for their concerted campaign to destroy what they feel is the America that liberals made, and replace it with America as they feel it should be, as they believe our forefathers imagined it. If it feels like they are tearing down our legacy of laws and traditions that is because they are. Who could they get that was more suited than Trump to the task of deconstructing America? Republicans are calling their reset ‘originalism,’ ‘federalism’ – names that conjure images of our revolutionary roots and which sound patriotic. ‘Originalism’ is impossible to channel, so, unless you have a time machine, what we have is someone’s interpretation of originalism, most likely originalism as defined by the Federalist Society. George Washington was a Federalist. He fought for a strong central government. The modern Federalist Society says that States Rights have been given to the Federal government and should be returned to the states. They have a Libertarian guarding their views. Libertarians do not favor strong central government. They basically favor a very small central government, the smaller the better.

Republicans have done their homework and that is why we find ourselves subject to their will regardless of who we want to elect. That is why we have a Supreme Court and Federal District Courts stuffed with Conservative judges approved by the Federalist Society. They had help doing their homework. They sat around plenty of meetings with Evangelicals who wanted America to specify that our forefathers expected America to remain a Christian nation, who wanted to teach Creationism in schools, and who wanted Roe v Wade overturned.

Why do we have a crook for a President who gets once-respected government people to say that Presidents have unlimited power? Because Republicans did their homework.

What homework did they do? They created a media propaganda mill, perhaps at first by accident, but later by design, that turned half of Americans into a cult with lockstep opinions, a cult that loves the crook-in-chief, thinks he is one of them, although he clearly isn’t. That is his base of support and it is brainwashed, loyal, and aggressive. Trump didn’t create the right-wing media but he knew how to use it.

Why don’t Republicans care if our entire health care system crashes and burns under the weight of this pandemic? Why do they think that convincing their cult members not to wear masks is owning the libs, when it is really ruining the lives of our health care workers and crashing our hospitals? They want to destroy our healthcare support systems, our Medicaid and Medicare. They want private insurance if you can afford it, and no insurance if you can’t. Have you tried to see your doctor recently? You were probably shifted to telemedicine unless you were seriously ill. Why are Republicans telling their cult that this is no more serious than the flu, and why does their cult believe them? Because they did their homework.

Why is Trump still trying to find a way to overturn the results of the 2020 election? Because Republicans know they are a minority party and they want to hold on to power anyway. Because they not only want America to be a Christian nation, they want white men to control it in perpetuity and on behalf of Capitalism and fossil fuels. They have powerful allies in the Koch web and in the NRA. They did their homework. They all did their homework. They took the pre-clearance section out of the Voting Rights Act and they began suppressing the vote all over America, in small ways, ways that could only be challenged in courts, courts which often upheld the least egregious voter suppression activities because the courts they fought in had Conservative judges. 

The Supreme Court turned a case about a movie and Hillary Clinton into Citizen United v The FEC and allowed unlimited unidentified contributions to campaigns and made corporation people. So, given all this groundwork, it was no great matter for Trump to turn voter suppression into fraudulent voting and make a nontruth into something real. He is trying to use all that voter suppression homework to turn absentee and mail-in voting into a brand new form of voter suppression. It is insulting to the America election system which works very well and is very trustworthy, to broadcast that it is a broken system, because it implies that American voters and our Boards of Election cheat. If Americans can be made to doubt our voting apparatus then  an election no longer has any reality and the President can easily stay in power through obfuscation. But Trump’s machinations might not have worked if Republicans had not done their homework.

Why are we still stuck in obstruction territory with Mitch McConnell still at the head of the Senate? Well, you know what I am going to say. It is because Republicans did their homework. And Democrats kept saying, ‘no, this is not unique – all of this has happened before in American politics.’ Democrats kept normalizing all of this, perhaps because they did not want to blow up our Republic/Democracy. And Dems could always cite historical examples to prove their point. But, none of this was normal if you put all of the pieces together and saw through each individual action to the overall plan. 

Well here we are with a central government run by the GOP ‘fool’ with a love of power for his own sake, and a nation that is sick, desperately ill, exhausted, and demoralized, and a Republican Party that seems to be a powerless pawn of Trump. They do need him. He is the head of the cult, but they also have no reason to reprimand him as the bad boy he is. They did their homework and he was the twisted answer to their twisted equation. The purity tests are endless and noone is allowed to compromise. They still have the Senate, their plan is still on track and that’s why they are callous and unbending, or laughing at liberals like the Joker.

Democrats have not done their homework. Can we catch up on our assignments? Can we save American government, the American economy, the American healthcare system, and the American people against a political party whose plan is to win through deconstruction and disinformation? Is it too late in the game to make America respond to Americans, instead of to a right-wing cabal? The world may not be able to be on pause forever.

If anything happens to keep Joe Biden out of the White House perhaps we can have two governments: the blue government and the red government, with a blue Congress, and a red Congress and taxpayers will pay the government they believe is genuine. Then we can see who gets the best bang for their buck. Remember, at one time Europe had two Popes, one in Avignon and one in Rome. Of course, it was a hot mess.

Here is a link to an article that appeared in The Washington Post on 12/6/2020:

2 thoughts on “Republicans Did Their Homework”

  1. Wow. I’m saluting you with my mug of coffee for doing YOUR homework. Gonna pass this around. Helluva read. I think you hit on a bunch of the points that have been bugging me the past few years. Dems haven’t figured out that Repubs have written their own rules and acting through them. You can’t reason with a hungry cannibal, it’s gonna come after you pretty quick.


  2. Reblogged this on The Chatty Introvert and commented:
    REBLOG. While I’m a big believer in the concept of fair play, when one side writes their own rules while trying to tear the “everybody” rules to pieces, it’s time for the other side to do something else. You can’t explain or reason with a hungry cannibal; it’s gonna tear you to pieces.


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