‘Playthings of the gods’

From a Google Image Search – The New Yorker

We the people are merely ‘playthings for the gods’ on that tarnished Mount Olympus in Washington, DC. One day we are offered a relief payment of $600, that is then yanked away as too extravagant. When a deal is finally negotiated between the Democrats and the Republicans the one-time $600 payment is back on the table. It is not enough. It is not nearly enough for some of the people, but Republicans only give money to those who are wealthy. They are still trying to sell us ‘trickle down’ economics. With a few billionaires and millionaires holding more money than 90% of Americans, it is obvious to all that nothing is trickling down at all. 

Over the weekend after Christmas, Trump, from the golf course, refused to sign the relief bill. Now he castigates his troops in Washington for being stingy. Trump has not been a president who spreads economic bounty to the masses. The story in the media is that his golf partner, Lindsey Graham, talked him into asking for one-time payments of $2000. Did Graham have any altruistic motives for his largesse? I doubt it. Graham wants to keep the Senate with a Republican majority. He wants McConnell to remain as majority leader. In order to make this happen those two crooks (inside traders) in Georgia must win on January 5 th. Most likely Graham thinks that a bit of empathy on the part of Trump and the Republicans will help David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler (two very wealthy people) win the race. And, in fact, these two are already backing the $2000 one time relief payments.

The $2000 payments have already passed the House and are awaiting a vote in the Senate. Mitch McConnell may allow this to pass to save his majority but he will hate it. Can voters in Georgia be bought? Will they love McConnell and the stock market king and queen? Please don’t be fooled into thinking that Republican generosity will continue. This is still the Party that will not offer relief to red states because they would also have to offer relief to blue states. Trump hates Andrew Cuomo in particular. 

Perdue and Loeffler are already trying to buy voters in Georgia with this Trump money and it hasn’t even been passed by the Senate. They are telegraphing to McConnell that if he approves the money he will help them win the run-off election and he will get to stay in power. I can’t think of anything that would be worse for we the people. Contribute to the campaigns of Warnock and Ossoff if you can. If you get your $2000 then use it for whatever you need it for. It is not very generous at all. Some nations have given citizens $2000 per month. $600 is an insult but it may be all that is offered. Don’t let them convince you that you need to vote Republican or back Republicans to get the higher payment. They are just ‘playing you’ for political gain. 

They must think we the people don’t have any feelings. They must think our spirits don’t rise when we hear that we might get $2000 rather than $600. My friend told me she couldn’t sleep because she was deciding how she would use that check. Now we are back to the $600 dollar figure again and how do you think that affects the American people? We are not real to these people. We are simply pawns in a political game they are playing. Enjoy your check if you ever get it; don’t play their sick games.

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