US Capitol Breached

Reuters – Stephanie Keith

Trump’s troops descend on the Capitol Building in Washington where the House and Senate were holding a ceremonial certification by Congress of the Electoral College votes. This is an on-going situation which news media is treating as a minor obstacle to the certification process.

The Senate was breached and protestors were knocking on Senator’s doors. There have been shots fired and there is talk of the National Guard.

Many of us would say that Trump called these folks out and the news people are asking that Trump demand that these people leave the Capitol which he is not doing. Trump, and this is not news, is feeding his ego with the Americans who he has asked for loyalty. 

Protestors leaving the scene tell Martha Raddatz that they have every right to protest and that this is people’s House, which it is. Still it’s a violation of the principle of the “peaceful transfer of power.” Is this really America? How will this end?

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