Fight for the Light

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Sometimes it all gets confusing, contemporary politics I mean. Emotions get all mixed up with facts and I begin to doubt my stands on the issues. The aftermath of the violence at the US Capitol showed Americans who are convinced that they are the true patriots and that Donald Trump is the answer to all their questions. They are passionate and willing to look absolutely ridiculous dressed as comic book heroes. They must have known they would be arrested. They must have been willing to take the risk. But in my heart of hearts, I am convinced that they are wrong about everything. 

Are Democrats demons married to the stock market, elitists who only care about money? I always believe that it is Republicans who fit this mold. Many Americans feel that both parties are corrupt and need to morph or die. Republicans may have once been a party of reform, the party of abolition, the party of women’s rights, but they have not filled any of those roles since the sixties.

There are wealthy Democrats, but the party also has worked to wage war on poverty and has backed programs to foster equality such as Head Start and Educational Opportunity Programs. Republicans argue that these programs did not make the differences they were intended to make, but Republicans also added hoops people had to jump through because they were worried about cheating. How much did the extra bureaucracy affect the outcomes? 

My experience tells me that Democrats are not as married to money and economics as Republicans are. Democrats are Socialists these Trumpers say. The name calling starts. Which is worse: to be a Socialist or to be a Fascist/Neo Nazi? Being a Socialist is about equality. Being a fascist is about using physical threats to force people to comply with your wishes. Being a Nazi is about believing that skin color determines worth, or being a Christian determines worth, and everyone who is not white or not Christian is fair game for isolation or extinction. Even if Democrats do embrace elements of Socialism, that still seems preferable to what these Trump folks are espousing. I’ll take Medicare for All over forced labor any day. I’ll take alternative energy over turning all the beautiful places on this earth into oil wells or fracking operations for natural gas extraction.

We can see signs all around us that we are killing the earth wherever we live, and so many animal species. We can be the dead conquerors of the planet, plunder the earth for money which is a man-made resource that we stockpile at our risk. You can’t eat money. You can’t drink money. Right now, money will buy you food and drink, but if we turn earth into a wasteland money will be useless. So again, I throw my lot in with those who think mankind can do things to reverse man’s negative effects on our planet. Republicans do not believe this.

Republicans, Evangelicals, and some Catholics have decided that the right of a woman to end an unwanted pregnancy is a deal breaker. They define it as murder and they say that makes it a crime. But I still want women to have control over their own bodies. I still contend that no one is forced to have an abortion and that the freedom of religion our documents promise us makes it possible to have differing beliefs in this matter. If this right was not being opposed so rabidly, I would not even see this as one of our society’s big issues. These judgmental men and women are not God. They are humans who simply think they have some kind of access to God’s will that the rest of us do not have.

I don’t believe that there is a cabal of child traffickers, although I do believe there are men who traffic children. I just don’t believe they all belong to one worldwide organization, and I see this as a remnant of older tastes that arose from cultures of extreme male domination. I don’t believe that either Republicans or Democrats are part of such a cabal, although individuals in either party may be child traffickers. All the horrors of this world were invented by humans and may always be with us.

If it is true that some people are using the environmental guidelines of Agenda 21 and the even stronger guidelines of the Green New Deal already, I do not think the point of these activities is to turn humans into domestic animals whose behaviors are controlled by a climate dictatorship of some sort. This is what people who love Trump say he will save us from. He will save us from being herded into cities and into organic farming and other aspects of climate theory designed to make life on earth more sustainable. Authoritarianism is far more likely to result in mind control than a plan to sustain life on this planet.

It is entirely possible that Trump’s peeps are being used by billionaires and millionaires to keep the yachts full of dollars, and other currencies arriving at their offshore bank accounts. Do they realize that the end result of their efforts is that all of our noses will be glued to corporate grindstones in perpetuity or until earth becomes a blighted landscape which will not even support the lives of the billionaires and millionaires who insist that this must be the future of the world? Why? Surely we have more imagination than these people and are more far-sighted.

I read an article this morning about charismatic Christians who are sticking with their belief that God is on Trump’s side, that he is supposed to be the one to lead us. Who’s deluded; these people or me?

 When I find my mind twisting, and my brain getting foggy and I hear these Trumpers and extremists making one iota of sense, I just sum up what they are defending using the same name calling techniques these folks use to remind myself of how wrong they are:  the words I come up with are racists, white supremacists, egomaniacs, authoritarians, vigilantes, fascists, sadly mislead humans. Does that make me judgmental and inclined to feel superior? It could, but I don’t think it makes me the same as them. To me they are the dark side perhaps holding on to gas and oil to use for barter when the whole earth becomes whatever future Mad Max lives in. We must all fight for the light. If the light is ‘socialism,’ sustainability, accepting our diversity, fighting for economic floors, and human rights, then I am in. I am human, so I certainly could be wrong but still I define what the ‘light’ is to me, and I choose the ‘light’.

David Brooks has this article in today’s NYT about Evangelicals and Jan. 6, 2021

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