Calling All Oil and Gas Men and Women

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Calling all oil and gas men and women. You have the stuff we need. You know energy science. You are risk-takers. You like big bucks. I don’t understand why you are throwing in your lot with a dying industry. These days present a golden opportunity. You could be the new energy barons.

Sad that our best and brightest energy people have been enlisted into the energy wars by our oily overlords. These gas bags have you fighting to preserve energy’s past, rather than offering grants that would allow you to earn your own fortunes (and theirs) while creating new energies. You may be well paid, but these folks you work for are billionaires. 

Not only do you oil and gas people know energy, you know money. You understand supply and demand, you understand how to be where the money is. But those petrodollars have been more unstable recently. Of course, fortunes may rise when this global pandemic ebbs, but the climate change you deny will persist. Eventually we will have to drastically lessen fossil fuel use. You could be part of the solution, not part of the problem. You could be heroes, not objects of our ambivalence (or worse). You could be in the forefront, rather than being the rear guard.

This week Texas froze, not for the first time, but this time the cold snap has outlasted their power grid. There sits all that oil and gas, all those refineries. It’s the age-old dilemma of those stranded at sea with no fresh water. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Except, it’s fuel, fuel everywhere but not a good delivery system. 

And then you have that Republican mayor you elected who said that survival is up to each individual and only the strong will survive. We do not live in a socialist country he tells us. Your government will not save you. 

And there we have it, we can’t drink oil and gas, we can no longer get water without electricity. We have put everything in pipes. If those pipes don’t have pumps we have nothing. All the old springs where people used to take containers to fill with water have been capped because it made road maintenance harder, or because it became valuable to sell water. Big money comes now from selling fresh water encased in throwaway plastic.

So this mayor thinks nothing of people, people who are his people, who are freezing in their homes for days on end, piling on clothing and blankets. He doesn’t care that their refrigerators will no longer keep their food safe to eat. He doesn’t mind one bit that most new stoves, even gas stoves, need electricity to function. He’s not worried that stores and restaurants have had to close so takeout may not be an option. Two people in his city die trying to use their car for heat, that’s their problem. Where are the FEMA trucks with the water? Where are the heated shelters? This is America without any safety nets. This is small government and every man/woman for him/herself. Of course some of these ‘people’ are children.

We’re not going to beg; but clearly we need all the engineers, all the physicists, all the laboratory scientists, all the builders and designers and planners, all those who understand how to run manufacturing businesses, all the inventors, and patent lawyers. You can either kill the planet or you can save it. If you help create the switch-over to new energies that saves the planet you could be the new tycoons. If you were even to find a way to allow global use of fossil fuels without climate repercussions you would probably end up famous. Creating better batteries would put gold in your pockets. Perhaps we are begging, but we’re not expecting you to work for free.

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One thought on “Calling All Oil and Gas Men and Women”

  1. It never fails to shock me, the lack of imagination that Big Capital shows. Maybe it shouldn’t. Maybe it’s easier to pretend that evil geniuses rule over Left, Right and Centre… Rather than the blooming idiots that evidence points the contrary to.

    While I don’t want to see standard petrol replaced with solar/electric/wind/water/etc so that generically evil and stupendously short-sightedly parasitic corporations can profit, I can’t help but wonder why those dinosaurs cling to their bones.

    Tesla cars? Money. Solar panels? Money. Wind turbines? Money, and jobs. Boggles the mind.


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