Trouble at the Border

From a Google Image Search – Reuters – Paul Ratje

Any opening the Dems give the Republicans to besmirch President Biden and Democratic Party policies they will take. So, having returned to accepting refugees at the southern border all the old talk that is intended to rev up fear of letting children running from drug cartels, climate changes that challenge food production, and lack of opportunity into America is being put in high gear once again. Kevin McCarthy and a group of Republican legislators, including my representative, John Katko have rushed to the southern border to find the MS-13 gangs rushing into America. 

Perhaps America had to stop breaking our immigration rules but it is a tough sell in the time of this pandemic. I wish that arrangements could have been made in advance for housing these children until their sponsors could be found. While honoring one law, we are breaking others. Children are not supposed to be held for more than 72 hours. These children will most likely be in custody for longer than 30 days. They are once again being held in cells or in jail-like settings and there is over-crowding. 

President Biden has called on FEMA to help find more humane ways to handle this influx of young, unaccompanied immigrants from our neighbors to the south. He has opened the Dallas Convention Center to house 3000 children with the help of FEMA. He is calling for help from social services workers to come to the border or find other ways to help place these children. We will be hearing heaps of blame and fearmongering over the next couple of months. The purpose may be to drown out the benefits of the relief funds. Biden is planning outreach in red states to make voters aware of what is in the relief program, but he will have to also address this activity at the southern border. Does fear trump hope? It all depends on Biden and the Democrats and how well they handle these two challenges.

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