January Sixth Commission and Republicans

From a Google Image Search – CNN

The Republican Party is dead to me. If we want a conservative voice in America, which is not something I need, then conservatives who see how undemocratic the current Republican Party has become need to form that new party or join the Democrats. They need to do this now or we stand to lose our Republic and see our Constitution suspended.

One of the worst crimes of the current Republican Party is their constant attempts to use gaslighting and mind control to influence Americans. They have used their own media both on radio and tv, they have harnessed (just barely) an immoral charismatic old reprobate, and they believe that through the church they have friends in high places (God) who will preach from the pulpit telling parishioners who and what to vote for. 

Republicans use denial to drive rational Americans into fits of frustrated anger, and irrational Americans into mobs. It is the most egregious and dangerous use of power, something we would condemn in any other nation, but we cannot rid ourselves of these mind games used to hold onto power. Whenever sane people try to call these people out they are met with derision, or threats. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you have read George Orwell’s 1984 and wondered why people let somebody convince them that Big Brother was acting in their best interests, until they were under the total control of a dictator who invaded their lives right into their own living rooms. It doesn’t matter that we can see that technology now exists that works even better than spying through old tech like televisions. We find Siri and Alexis very helpful. I’m not saying these ladies are spying on us for any other purpose than ferreting out what we want or need to buy-for marketplace reasons. But a party that doesn’t mind brainwashing America is only one step away from spying on our daily lives for political reasons. Trump tried to do this several times when he asked for lists of everyone who opposed him on various issues, or in the census when he wanted to use the census to hunt down undocumented people living in America.

Brian Sicknick’s mother Gladys did something against her quiet and introverted nature; she went to Congress to try to talk the Republican members into voting for the January Sixth Commission. Evidence suggests that her son was not killed by those who attacked the Capitol, but the stress and length of the fight triggered biological weaknesses which killed him. He would most likely be alive and marrying his girlfriend, who also went along to talk to Congress, if not for the “battle” to install a president in the oval office who did not win. Republican members stood firm in their unwillingness to convene a commission even in the face of a personal plea from the mother of a Capital policeman who died defending their safety.

This feeling of hopeless anger I feel in my gut every time Republicans lie about actual events that we saw with our own eyes, the anger that makes me want to throw things at my tv, that makes me want to march and protest, that sends me to my keyboard to at least have my say, is a terrible sign that our democracy may not stand. Republicans like Rep. Andrew Craig, who tries to turn a Trump citizen army into normal tourists, mess with our minds. We carry the picture of the events of January 6 th in our brains and we know Republicans are lying. We carry the text of Trump’s speech to his peeps on that day in our heads and regardless of how the Republicans spin it, we have the evidence in our minds (just like we will carry the video of Derek Chauvin with his nonchalant murder of a man he was hired to serve, with his knee on George Floyd’s neck). 

So, when Sen. Ron Johnson gives Gladys Sicknick some bogus nonsense about his reasons for voting no on a commission to investigate the events of January 6 th, responsible for the death of her son, we see the depths of Republican willingness to deny reality, to change the headlines, to disrespect our senses, and to let us know that they believe they can lie to the American people with impunity, they can look the other way while unauthorized people recount our votes, they can devise ways to keep us from the polls, they can rule American forever if they just ignore every rule of common decency and sell their souls to a huckster because he seems to have sold his goods to almost half of our citizens. 

It’s embarrassing to be thought so little of that Republicans can twist the truth right in front of our very eyes and get away with it. What will we do, what will it take to convince these soulless men and women that we will not stand idly by and let our inaction be proof of our inertia or our willingness to let anything be done to us. One half of America has been turned into an instrument in the Republican war on reality, waged to maintain a power that will be anything but democratic. Just one little event, one plea from a mother that is refused with a lie; could that be that proverbial last straw. I doubt it, but the load is getting heavy. We all want to keep our government intact and defeat our foes through laws and reason. Whatever people want to say about Joe Biden he may be our last hope for a return to reason and civility and democracy. Trump and Newt Gingrich are teaming up. That can’t be good. While we still can, use the vote in 2022 to get rid of Republicans in Congress.

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