Trump Nightmares

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It’s fall and midterm elections are only a year away. Once again Trump is “too much with us near and far” (Wordsworth). Echoes of past lies, rallies to entertain the Trump peeps with bogus claims about fraudulent elections in states all over the nation in 2020, taunts about President Biden’s senility hidden by his staff (the childish “I’m rubber, you’re glue” defense), repetition of all his ‘oldies but goodies’ (I am the most stable genius, I alone can do that), sniping at liberals, and nary a sign of a policy because the guy is not interested in politics, just in winning. Just that voice coming over the media far too frequently is enough to give us the heebie jeebies.

Maybe it’s because it’s almost Halloween and he keeps popping back up like Freddy Krueger, or because his style with women resembles that of an old school vampire. (There is a new school of vampires.) Our anxiety is returning, the Trump-as-President anxiety. 

The man is spooky. He can apparently commit any of the sins that usually spell disaster for politicians and, since he is soulless, never experiences guilt or remorse, these sins just do not slow his roll. He abuses women, a sin which has cost a number of politicians their jobs and the conversation disappears into a black hole. 

He fires all of the inspectors general, attorneys general, and anyone else who might criticize or curb his bad behaviors and the accusations gain no traction in the media. 

He pretends a pandemic is no big deal in order to maintain his supposedly strong record on the economy even though his lack of an organized response causes many deaths, and half the nation agrees with him and refuses to take a preventative vaccine. 

He (with the help of the Republicans) trashes voting in America and then walks away a bit and says, as if he had nothing to do with it, “look at our flawed elections.” We all know elections were fine before Trump got his fascism going and made half of Americans doubt our free and fair elections. Then, he tells “The Big Lie” and half of America, at least, piles on pretending they believe him. How he does go on! Once he gets what he believes is a winning tactic he expands on it – now he has multiple states involved in auditing election results from 2020, even though there was no fraud and 2020 is almost over. And he is making sure that no one will have any trust in future elections – a true authoritarian move. 

He foments a riot at the Capitol on January 6. He denies any responsibility and once again walks away, not only without being charged with sedition or impeached in the Senate, but here he is once again, bold as brass, planning to run to be our president again in 2024 and he is treated in the press like an acceptable candidate.

So, we are seeing that ‘Bob’s Big Boy’ face everywhere again and bracing ourselves for more election insanity. Biden is being prevented from any accomplishments so Republicans can say he and the Democrats did nothing. It is easy to believe that 2020 may be the last election Dems ever win. 

Americans, who have been taught to see liberals as their enemies are flying black flags, some pure black, some a black and white version of the American flag used in the Civil War by the Confederacy to serve as symbolic threats to neighbors that if they are liberals, they will soon be toast. Is it time for liberals to arm themselves?

If your nightmares bear the face of Trump, pray to whoever created the planet and the universe to please stop Trump from ever again being the President of the United States, or any splintered off segment of the United States, and hope (or believe) there is a caring God out there in the void.



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